Being Still

How often do you truly stop, and just do nothing? I mean, really nothing?

Time outs, to just be, to be still…I don’t mean nap time, or reading time, or journaling, or cafe dates, not even meditation time, but just time to be, like sitting and listening or observing what goes on around you. Alone. 

I noticed this the other day when I was visiting my brothers 20-acre land, gorgeous land in the country. He has a fantastic view from his front porch of Mt. Hood, overlooking rolling hills and lit up skies. Sitting where we usually gather to talk and eat and hang out, I was alone. No book, no coffee, no other folks around. I closed my eyes to listen. Just listen. The subtle shifting leaves from the wind, the wooden wind chimes clinking an unrecognizable rhythm, a bird splashing in the birdbath. I could hear sounds I wouldn’t normally hear if I was occupied. And then I opened my eyes to look, and in the quiet I noticed the sun reflecting off some glittery rocks, the bald eagle soaring over yonder above the pine trees, the movement behind the barn — oh, the baby deers and mama silently strolling through the trees. To really see what goes on around when not “busy” with something else. 

I might have seen some of those things while talking with someone. But to catch the flicker of life while being still was awesome, and blissful. A living meditation.

I realized there is so much I don’t notice or pay attention to. Our world is so full of “busy-ness” …oh how I dislike the word “busy”. Overstimulation, constant need for gratification, proving things, filling up, overconsumption, constant noise and buzzing, that I do believe we forget what quiet sounds like! 

We get so full up, often by choice, that when we stop, we don’t really stop. Taking 15 to read a book is heaven, or grabbing a coffee break can be rejuvenating, but we’re still “doing”. You know that phrase… Be a human being, not a human doing!

Imagine if you allowed yourself time to just be, 15 minutes a day. Perhaps in your living room, what might you see? The sun casting funny shadows on the wall?  Or lying on your bed, eyes closed, what might you hear? The children’s laughter next door maybe?

So this has prompted a new challenge over in our Dance with Desire women’s group. 

A 5 day Be Still Challenge!

Can you make 15 minutes each day to just be? I will give you a different prompt every day, and I would love to know what you see, feel, hear, smell, think, as we move through our week.

Sounds fun, yes? Maybe familiar, maybe something different… 

Join us for this delightful challenge of the senses!

If you are not already in our Dance With Desire Group on FB, go click here to join… easy… ( and get inspired notes, dance and music breaks, and a global gathering of women too)

This week we are finishing up our 5 Day Lighten -Up Challenge, a simple challenge to make some space in our lives and our closets. Gotta love that space made, and the lightening up… Let’s see what this next week will bring for our opening up…

I love hearing what you do and think, so share with us your mini adventures too!

So much love,

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