Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,
with your Tribal Hostess Paulette Rees-Denis,
a special episode…with guest, healer, teacher, and author, Ravyn Stanfield

How delighted am I to present my very good friend, Ravyn Stanfield, to you today! This is a special Episode of Heart and Hustle, as we are making an announcement at the end of our inspired convo today! (What a tease I am!)

Ravyn is such a powerful, feminine force, and the work she does in the world is so all inspired and full of love and life. Currently running a non-profit–Acupuncturists Without Borders– whilst she has published her book, Revolution of the Spirit, travels the globe teaching about magic and leadership, and dances around Portland.

We met years ago on a writing retreat where we danced and ran every morning, wrote all day long and drank white wine all night talking and reading our writing to each other, becoming fast and furious friends, co-creating writing and healing and adventurous journeys together…

She’s got lots of good things going on, coming up soon, plus we wanted to share some fabulous news with you too!

Enjoy our interview chat, and also, please share with all your friends! It helps us so to get passed on to others, to grow the love and our tribe, and benefit all!


More about Ravyn!

Gerri Ravyn Stanfield is a holistic acupuncturist, an inventive author, and international educator dedicated to liberating the sacred leadership abilities and superpowers within each of us.

She is the Executive Director of Acupuncturists Without Borders, a non-profit that teaches acupuncturists to create mobile healing clinics in response to disasters. Ravyn’s first book, Revolution of the Spirit: Awaken the Healer is available at www.gerriravynstanfield.com. Her essays, articles, and nonfiction have been published in magazines, anthologies, and elsewhere.
Revolution of the Spirit Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/revolution-of-the-spirit-tickets-63922455786

Link to purchase the book: https://tinyurl.com/y5mot4ab

Website link:https://gerriravynstanfield.com/


I love you my friends! Thanks for being here and for sharing in this wondrous universe we live in… for being part of the growing tribe of strong courageous and creative women!

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