This morning, I wrote a new “life-short”, a poetic type piece…while working on my upcoming Illumination retreat in Costa Rica!

Ohhh, so excited, and co-creating content and activities and adventures with my guest instructor Ravyn Stanfield, for a whole week-long immersion into YOU! At this amazing resort type home with swimming pools and amazing bedroom suites, ocean access, dance and writing spaces, plus certain catered just for us vegan meals, sunset dinner cruises, wildlife nature walks, ATV rides, surfing lessons, and more. Damn!

PLUS of course, the work! That work we will do together… Illumination!

Shining the light, my friends… this is all about Illuminating your path. Where and how do you get stuck in the shadows? We’ll dance in the dark and light up our paths, rewriting our stories and our passions. We women desire to gather in circle for listening, learning, sharing, being heard, going deep. We crave connection, and communication, and circling up. AND we also need adventure and blood pumping movement and dance, and stepping out of our comfort zone, and trying new things… Immersion, self-education, self-growth… to step up into your truer and newer being… rewriting those stories, from the body to the page…time for ourselves to rediscover what we’ve been longing for, and getting one-on-one coaching and actionable steps to make those things happen, and Accountability!

Think pleasure, time, adventure, inner work, outer journey, new vision, connection, circling, powerful creative women, magic-making, words, writing, dancing, stepping out, and having fun! Yes please!

Dance With Your Desires!

Expand Your Pleasure, Delight in Your Creative Business,

Grow Your Tribe, and Make More Money

February 20-26, 2020

Pura Vida Casas, Esterillos Oeste, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Haven’t you always wanted to go to Costa Rica? I'm so excited to lead you there, as your tribal hostess! Haven’t you been desiring someone to guide you into your most expansive and beautiful self? Time to step into being full-on, woman! I can’t wait to work with you!

More info coming to you next week, plus early bird pricing through September…

Dancing in the Dark

To come into the light

After having fallen into the deep crevices

Of unknowingness

Desiring to shimmy up and out

To find the way, to ignite the spark

To light the torch

To illuminate my path

Like the hermit with her lantern

That will lead me forward, to


to surefooted freedom

Touching and moving without seeing

Listening to the calls of the hidden one

Deep within

Moving with the flow

Trusting in the dark

And trusting that spark

that inner glimmer of wisdom

To find my way

To feel the ritual of unfolding

Te blindfolds come off


The beginning of the light…


Have an amazing weekend friend! Thanks for reading…

**View my Heart and Hustle interview with Ravyn, here


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