Feminine Leadership is the new and life-changing skill-set that empowers you to make your dreams happen without blowing out your adrenals. It encompasses the arts of communication and delegation, and the ability to balance productivity AND pleasure. (Gina Devee)

What a delight to work with five of my dancers as they move further into their leadership training with me..Master Teachers in Leadership, Level One!

This is where these dedicated and skilled dancers and teachers in the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance styling step up further into their lives, their dance, their career, and into their roles as leaders, as they guide and train their students to also become teachers in this dance! To share the love and expand the lifestyle and artform!

Misha Cain Nell, Angie Neylan Wimmer, Allie Joseph, Cinzia Di Cioccio, and Christine Haviland, from Italy, USA, and New Zealand, they follow in the footsteps of Deirdre Macdonald, Amanda Dancer, and Nina Martinez (from Scotland, USA, and Australia).

Self-education, and study, taking time to invest in yourself, working with mentors and guides, believing in whole body and spiritual growth, extreme self-care, and allowing the world to open up for you! These are skills that carry over into all parts of life, business, and pleasure, for success, both monetary and personal.

I love to work with women who take what they love and what they do seriously, who want to improve their own skillset, who are uplifters, who believe in the integrity of the work/dance they pass on, have intense loyalty to the tribe, and who move forward with clear intention and vision. It has been career-affirming for me too, as the leader and teacher that I have become, as my career has opened up expanded into so many more possibilities, not only as a dancer and instructor, but as a lifestyle coach, a motivational speaker, a mastermind guide, a retreat leader, to guide even more women around the globe, to empower them to grow in their own lives and careers. To bring out their best, to believe in themselves, to show them how to expand into their own amazingness , to fly their freak flags, to be part of something bigger. I am blessed for sure.

I am honored and so proud to spend time sharing and teaching the experiences and studies I have learned and grown over the past 30 + years (all of my adult life really) of being a creative entrepreneur.

Paulette Rees-Denis

With so much gratitude,


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