Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,

with your tribal hostess, Paulette Rees-Denis

and guest,  kick-ass Inspirational Speaker, Brenda Bryan, Episode #76!

Welcome back friends, to this episode of  Heart and Hustle with my guest today, Brenda Bryan, a transformational coach but really, she calls herself a Diviner of Human Potential… how awesome is that?

What’s next for you? Where is your voice? Can you raise your voice?

That is what Brenda’s work is about, talking with spirit, connecting with self, and how to use our voice to empower ourselves, step up, and express what you are wanting to say!

When you choose to speak, choose to listen! Whoa. Brenda connects with spirit, with ceremony, with drumming, and how to be of highest service. How to live with the wild self and magic and creativity…this is what Brenda and her work is all about… Raise Your Voice!

Creating a platform for consious change… powerful… and so inspired… 

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Powerful … her speaker’s club for women…. 

Have a look and a listen and share with us your take-aways from this conversation…

Watch here…

What do you think, friend? Does this kick off anything for you?


More about Brenda!

Brenda R. Bryan is a kick-ass Inspirational Speaker – The Diviner of Human Potential.  As a Transformational Coach and Mastermind Facilitator, she supports Women to unmask and nurture their genius, empowering them to live in the strength of their passion. Teaching through one-on-one coaching, The Raise Your Voice program, Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Powerful- Speakers Club, workshops and stages around the country, she demonstrates authentic, warm-hearted humor with a deep wealth of knowledge of how important communication is to feminine power.

Brenda began working in her passion of building community and supporting women in the early 1970s. Graduating with a degree in Communications, she became active in the Women’s Movement. Through her activism, Brenda acquired lasting skills in group processing, facilitation, and leadership. For the past 45 years, she has continued to build her tool kit to support women’s empowerment.

Most recently She has been inspired to found and be the CEO of “It Must Be Said Productions” which is the platform for the stories that need telling. A venue for social change. It is the weaving together of the creativity, innovation, invention that invites future visioning.

It Must Be Said production is focusing on co-creative and collaborating experiences and events that change lives. Our stories matter and how we tell them matters to engage in the creative and healing arts as a vehicle for personnel and social will be a fun and inspirational tool for change. 

Transformational Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Mastermind facilitator…brendarbryan@gmail.com


Thanks for listening and watching, and for being here! Let us hear your take aways from our conversation… leave comments, I love to hear your thoughts… be well, friends and see you next time…

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