Hello love!

I’m visiting my amazing 93 year young mom in Ohio this week, as she recovers from another cancer surgery. So blessed to be able to spend some time with her, so blessed to do the work I do that I can travel to be with her and work from anywhere. She is doing great, by the way, and recovering fast.

I have been thinking about this year as it draws to a close, and writing quite a bit this month, working on my book, and continuing my delightful journaling practice. Yesterday I wrote a life short (that’s what I call my poetry!) about my adventuring, which I’ll share with you down below… exploring my life, my growth, inner and outer. All the things that I have gone through, changed, stepped up into. All the things.

And thinking about where I am now compared to last year. Things that took courage, trust, envisioning, desire. The desire to live fuller, to experience more, to grow and learn, to stop and listen, to quest for a shift, to have more abundance, to bring more goodness to the world, to share and teach and guide, to lead, to pass on, to heal.

 It all comes to desire. You hear me talk about desire all the time! What did I desire this year? The one word ( ah yes, always more than one) for me this year was Connection. Did you have a word for the year? 

I wanted to get even more connected, with myself and my desires. To connect with others, to connect others with each other, and to guide others to connect with themselves. The tribal hostess that I am, loving to network and share the love. 

*With my Heart and Hustle (Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers) interviews, whoa… so many fabulous women I connected with this year over my video podcast, and able to bring them to you. See the past interviews here...

*Through my Facebook Lives, (Heart and Hustle Live) that I did almost every week throughout the year, I was able to connect with so many of you, to chat and listen, and share bits of coaching and inspiration.

*With my annual women’s retreat, Illumination, this past spring we ventured to Mexico. An adventure, and exploration, a growing experience, a circle of creative women seeking adventure, knowledge, tools, movement, change, connection.

*My house and family move to another state, a drastic change and lots of letting go and opening up to receive, a whole new way of life. Powerful, magical, amazing, fun, emotional, scary, exciting… connecting with a different part of the world, the desert, and loving every minute of it.

*And taking the Tribal Quest Summit to Hawaii this fall, our annual Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance gathering, and bringing the global dance tribe together, growing the tribe, for certifications, more dancing, continuos learning, exploring, adventuring, and again, Connection!

Do you see some themes here?!

I love working with women who are desiring to live big, to step up fuller, to experience what life has to offer, and to have connection with themselves and their desires! My clients desire guidance and growth, to get support and encouragement, to add movement and momentum to their life and their business, with practical tools mixed with a bit of woo and magic. Oh yeah! That’s what I do, what I offer, and what I’m great at giving! As I always say, let’s change your state, change your story, change your life!

Is this you? Are you a creative woman desiring change? Clarity? 

I’m desiring 3 new clients to support and guide toward the end of this year, and to kickstart the new year–full vision ahead! Let’s have a conversation about what you are wanting, you can schedule that (free) call with me here. I look forward to talking with you, to discovering what your next magical mojo journey will be!


Now is the time to book into my 2020 Annual Women’s Retreat to Costa Rica!!!

Illumination :: Dance with your Desires!

Ready for your next adventure? Connection? Ready for YOU time, for that inner and outer exploration? Breakthroughs? To untie, or slash through, those blindfolds of fears and questions and uncertainties? To find the power of connection in circle with other creative women, desiring change, clarity, and to live lit up? Try something new and different. Release what’s holding you back, and have FUN!!!! Put some personal pleasure on your calendar, woman!

Join me, with Ravyn Stanfield, for a week long exploration and come to Costa Rica!

Go here to read more, to pick your queenly suite, and register, Get your deposit in!

and go here to listen/view a chat with Ravyn and myself about this retreat and more!


The journey of my life

Co-creation with the universe and myself

To surrender to the incessant questions

Leading to the continuous and trusted flow

Often into the unknown

Where is this path taking me

Circling and changing desires

 For my inner being and my outer work

 What I bring to the world

Divine intervention with the connection from the mysteries,

The mystics, the ancients, gods, angels, creatures

What and who has come before

To the connectivity of now, fully present, listening and living with the art of life

Building community, creating subcultural empowerment and beauty,

 guiding the way of co-creation,

 diving deep into the abyss of passionate and intoxicating darkness

I desire my truth, the truth of my being, my purpose, my decisions for the next

The next adventure, growth opportunity, into fear and excitement

Titillating ideas that cause the skin to prickle with anticipation, the holding breath

And then the release, the sigh, of all the possibilities of what is open to me

If I only listen, deep and quiet

And allow that flow

Allow the possibilities

To unfold with love and passion and abundance

In all it’s forms

I accept the challenge

I crave the adventure

I make the choice to explore and grow and step up and dive into

As the blindfold unravels

Allowing the light in

To light me up

Because this way, the abundance grows

In so many facets of my life

Still surrendering, but listening deep

Taking those steps that often feel scary, unsure, but trusting


Again and always

With the guidance from within and without,

To lead

And open myself to all the adventures


I invite you to join me for your next adventure, whether that be coaching with me one on one, or taking that adventure to Costa Rica!

Here’s to living full on and lit up!

I love you,


What are women saying about working with Paulette

“Paulette has really helped me see my own vision of life. To be brave. To allow me to push the boundaries of my safe world. 

She offers clear, insightful, pertinent advice on how to make your passion your business. To create the lifestyle you want. 

She asks uncomfortable questions, takes you out of your comfort zone, and from this vulnerability you find your inner strength to go forward.” NM

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