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Happy Friday my friend! 

Yesterday I share my newest poem ( life-short), and talked about the word, Connection, my word for 2019! I’m not sure what my word for 2020 wil be, but it will be about expansion and pleasure!

I also mentioned that I have openings for 3 new clients for the end of this year because I want you to bring in the new year with clarity and focus and lights and abundance. Bring on the pleasure principal which I’ve been talking so much about lately, too!

My focus as a transformationaly lifestyle and creativity coach is working with women who are desiring to live big, to step up fuller, to experience what life has to offer, and to have connection with themselves and their desires!

What do you get when you work with me, one-on-one?

  • We start with a 3-month commitment, with you ready to do the work of stepping into your power and dreams with grace and pleasure… as we get laser-focused with what you want to build, to create, and to stop the self-sabotage!
  • Change your state- what you desire to do to move your body, open your heart, expand your mind’s eye to see and feel the goodness you have in you!
  • Change your story– yep, let’s rewrite you to be exactly what you want to be, where you want to be
  • Your M.A.P– magic action plan, to get the tools and steps to make it work and why you can do this.
  • Support, love, and accountability.
  • Change your life! I’ve got you, and I’ve got the tools you want to make YOU happen!

My clients desire guidance and growth, to get support and encouragement, to add movement and momentum to their life and their business, with practical tools mixed with a bit of woo and magic. Oh yeah! That’s what I do, what I offer, and what I’m great at giving!

What are women saying about working with Paulette:

“Almost a year ago I reached out to you and I am just W O W how different my life is less than 12 months later. You were the PERFECT life coach for me to get past some major internal blocks. Adore you Forever!” PSJ

“Paulette has really helped me see my own vision of life. To be brave. To allow me to push the boundaries of my safe world. 

She offers clear, insightful, pertinent advice on how to make your passion your business. To create the lifestyle you want. 

She asks uncomfortable questions, takes you out of your comfort zone, and from this vulnerability you find your inner strength to go forward.” NM

“One of the best things about working with Paulette is that she’s shown me how to really appreciate what I offer. That came from taking all the things that were bouncing around in my head and my life, slowing them down organizing them, plus understanding how not to absolutely flip out when something bad happens and really being able to see the big picture and seeing about all the beauty I had to offer the world. This is been an incredible shit for me and I will be forever grateful for it”. MN

“After working with you, I know where I want to go and am taking the steps to get there!  I do personal Development daily and I have grown into the woman I am supposed to be. My confidence has grown!  Your love and compassion and a kick in the but has helped!” AJ
I invite you to work with me now, if you are ready to step into your fullest, brightest, most abundance and prosperous self!

Let’s kickstart the new year–full vision ahead! We can have a conversation about what you are wanting, you can schedule that (free) call with me here. I look forward to talking with you, to discovering what your next magical mojo journey will be! If you are in a far away time zone and can’t find a time that works on my online scheduler, email me and we’ll find a time that works, easy (!

I wanted to let you know that I am raising my coaching rates in the new year, so I would love to get you in NOW. What are you waiting for, my friend? Schedule now… just click here…

Let’s make some magic together. Here is to your abundance and joy!


Now is the time to book into my 2020 Annual Women’s Retreat to Costa Rica!!!

Illumination :: Dance with your Desires!

Ready for your next adventure? Connection? Ready for YOU time, for that inner and outer exploration? Breakthroughs? To untie, or slash through, those blindfolds of fears and questions and uncertainties? To find the power of connection in circle with other creative women, desiring change, clarity, and to live lit up? Try something new and different. Release what’s holding you back, and have FUN!!!! Put some personal pleasure on your calendar, woman!

Join me, with Ravyn Stanfield, for a week-long exploration and come to Costa Rica!

Go here to read more, to pick your queenly suite, and register, Get your deposit in!

**and go here to listen/view a chat with Ravyn and myself about this retreat and more

**and please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining up and reading about our gatherings and more… thank you for spreading the love!

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