A week of Gratitude

You are invited to join me on this 7-day journey, a challenge of sorts, to focus on gratitude. Tis the season! 

Thanksgiving for us in the states, and all…

This is taking place over in our private women’s group, Dance with Desire ( on FB, here, just click to join our group of creative women!)

This is a great time for a reminder, a refresher, a focus, and a look at what you have and love… often finding more beauty and delight in some things that you just take for granted or haven’t thought about. I love that!

Gratitude is a life changer. I have found, through gratitude practices, so much more joy and pleasure in my life, recognizing what is so good in my life. And that sometimes means letting certain things or folks go that are weighing me down, which opens me up for more goodness and pleasure, of which I am then grateful for. For the opportunities, for the little things, for all the things I too often rush by. Know what I mean? Do you do that too?

Thinking of gratitude is like taking stock of my life, my surroundings, my things, my friends, my work, and more… Being thankful…

So I love to do these gratitude challenges with you a few times a year, and of course this being Thanksgiving week is a great time to focus on that theme, I often see Thanksgiving as being a time of eating way too much food and consumerism (and let’s not even talk about the turkey slaughter), shopping shopping shopping, instead of honoring our life, our families, the earth. So let’s take some extra time to be thankful…

It’s so fun and inspiring to do this as a group, to see what others are writing and sharing, also helps us open up more to our own lives and gratitude. Plus holds us accountable to continue on and stay focused! Love it…

So jot it down in your calendar, starts tomorrow Monday… and set aside 10-20 minutes to list 10 things everyday for a week, and share with us in the group… I look forward to spending the week with you!

Click here to join us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/danceanddesire/

And enjoy your week, your families, your gatherings, your food, and your life!

I am grateful to have you here with me,


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