Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers…

with your hostess, Paulette Rees-Denis, Episode #78

 and guest coach, Jordan Thomson

Hello there my friend!

I have a fun interview for you today, with this delightful woman, coach, also a podcast host and an entrepreneur, so meet Jordon! I call her a shy coach, and no I did not mean SHE is a shy coach, I mean that she works with women to get over being shy, to build confidence. But she was in a shy shell growing up, so she has grown and expanded and with experience and tools she helps her clients stand up to live a fuller life.
We talk being drawn to where we live, about how she grew out of being shy, and not being able to communicate. We talk about her breakup and how that was a catalyst and a gift for her growth. And about making decisions!!! A huge ability to stepping up and out of social anxiety!

View our interview here…

More about Jordon!

Jordan Thomson is a Confidence Coach, Speaker & Hostess of the Journal Theory Podcast. Most importantly, she’s a proud mama to her daughter Avery, semi-cool wife to husband Eddie. She has a knack for challenging people and an insane passion for helping women break out of their shy shells. Having grown up a painfully shy kid, she know what it feels like to miss out on experiences, not feel like you are living your life authentically and how much of a struggle it is to not know how to break free from the chokehold that social anxiety. Having been a coach in many facets for almost 11 years, Jordan is now living out her mission to inspire women to take their lives into their own hands, change the identity that is keeping them small, and empower them to step into confidence!


IG: @jordanpthomson

FB: facebook.com/groups/shygirlbye

Podcast: Journal Theory

Website: www.journaltheory.com

Current Promo: 12 Days of Confidence- 12 Days of FREE confidence coaching with 12 different speakers! Sign up is free. https://journaltheory.com/12-days-of-confidence/


thank you so much for being here, and may you have a gorgeous and abundant holiday season!
so much love for you…




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