Your special solstice discount for our costa rica retreat! 

Envisioning what you desire!

Do you envision what you are desiring to bring into your life? The changes you want to make?

This is such an important tool in your growth and expansion tool box! Learning how to change your story…

This is what I help you with as your coach. And this is what we do BIG TIME at my Annual Women’s Retreat, this year to Costa Rica! 

From a past retreat creative retreat-goer!

“You are maestro creator of transformational experiences. I love how you blend dance, coaching, creativity, and Spirit into a beautiful, collaborative, life-changing container. You picked a beautiful and sumptuous location where all our needs were met and the inspiration abounded. What an adventure! Thanks for calling us to our full creative vision and embodiment of our deepest purpose.”

This is what I see for our upcoming retreat, this is what I envision for you:

Creative, powerful women in our intimate and inspired circle, ready for adventure and change!

I see power, beauty, tears, revelations, plans made, actions to be taken magic-making, blindfolds falling off, old stories released, new inner visions becoming reality, manifestation of more money, laughs, hugs, healing ocean waters, cultural explorations, bonds made, tribes growing, businesses expanding, friendships formed, bodies moving, wild and graceful feminine dance, words revealing, hearts bursting and eyes open wide! Wow…

And in Costa Rica!!!  Do I hear a HELL YEAH?

Illumination: Dancing with your Desires
(and a special discount below)

Do you see it? Can you feel it?

Are you ready to invest in yourself with not only money, but with time, for yourself, for your clarity and sanity, for adventure outside of your box, for some deep diving, and super fun?

To manifest what you are desiring to bring in, or have more of? Feel the vibe, see yourself there, and imagine all your possibilities! Hell yeah!

Book now!

What have other women said about Paulette’s retreats?

“The context of the retreat allowed for me to transcend my everyday thoughts into realized dreams of possibility. I am now aware of a dream I only pictured as a comparison and not actualized as my own path. Thank you for creating a space for me to grow as a businesswoman and creator!”

“Stepped out of my comfort zone, flew far away, landed in a beautiful place with soul sisters and “go for it” guides all around me.  Found that I could believe in my project ideas as we wove a fresh approach together. Brought them all home with focus and self-confidence.  I am already seeing results!”

“I am so pleased I made the investment of time, energy and resources to attend this extraordinary retreat. Paulette is a highly skilled and accomplished retreat leader who knows how to bring a group of women into a circle of kinship in a short period of time. She expertly guides women toward discovering greater authenticity and hidden dormant desires through her proven combined methods of movement, guided journaling and deep dive visualization. Paulette is a catalyst of personal transformation. I  left the retreat so inspired with clarity for living out my life dream.”

“Many thanks to you for a belly full of inspiration and for sharing with me the specific tools needed to take my life to another level of magical living, one that I’ve not fully tapped into. The retreat was everything I had hoped for and more. From the incredible setting and our oasis to the amazing visual feast and auditory fest, it truly was divine. Such a fine group of lovely women made it extra special. I will always carry this time and place in my heart and look forward to many more adventures with you.”

I invite you to join us this year, with my special guest instructor, Ravyn Stanfield, a magic-making woman and powerhouse leader. And experience yourself and your dreams in a new way!

PLUS, you still have time to get your deposit in with my 

Solstice gift to you… 

20% off the price!

Only through Dec. 21st friend!

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Your special solstice invite to costa rica retreat!

Paulette is an amazingly strong and compassionate person who has opened her heart to the world to make the world a better place and to make you the best you can be. She is a gift that you are worthy of. Just be in allowance!”


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Here’s to a Hell Yeah!
Thanks all, for being here, have an amazing holiday season..

With so much love and gratitude

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