Happy Happy New Year to you!

First, many thanks for being here with me this past year, what a beautiful tribe of creatives assembled here. Some of you I know really well, some of you I have met in passing, and some only through the internet ( what an amazing thing!). Some of you have been with me on my retreats (this past year to Mexico), some have joined me at the Tribal Quest Summit, this year in Hawaii, some virtually through my online courses, my in-person classes, some as my coaching clients, and some in networking groups, many as my certified dancers and teachers, and my growing global tribe of Master Leaders and Teachers too. 

Whoa…and dang… I am blessed to have you here with me, with us, along for the journey as we grow and expand. We have grown and come together because of dance, desire, creativity, art, music, community, connection, adventure, the divine feminine, spirituality, poetry, beauty, manifestation, illumination, movement, support, accountability, guidance, abundance… oh, the words I can find to describe all of our passions and interests, as your passion instigator and movement motivator, your magic maker and tribal hostess.

As we have done several times over the last many years, we, my fabulous Gypsy Caravan team, and I have compiled words, art, stories, from our global tribe of dancers, and assembled them into our 5th anthology… Dance and Desire, as a gift to you. It makes my heart so happy to read your words, see your pictures, hear your stories, of our dance, our community, how you are involved and how life has changed for you because of the dance. Our contributors have gifted us with their work, so that we can share them with you. With big help from Allie Joseph, who helped gather everyone this year, and from Nina Martinez, who did the gorgeous graphic design work. Just wow…and cover art by Laura Wolery.

Enjoy this collection, and may it inspire you too, as we zoom headfirst into the new year. Think of your intentions for what you want, ask for it, my friend, leap into it, open your arms to receive the beauty and abundance that is here for you, lift each other up, and enjoy every freaking moment… and see you in the new year…

Art by MIsha Cain Nell!

Here is your link to the gorgeous Anthology:


 And again, thank you for all you bring to the world, bright shiny blessings to you,

With love…


And I hope too, that you received my gift from the other day of

44 ideas to get your motor running and get you out of self-sabotage and

into your beauty, power, and prosperity…

**Here is your link to the pdf that you can download, print, and use every day or whenever you need a boost, a break, a change of pace…

All kinds of goodness and inspiration coming to you as welcome in the new year together! Please share and spread the love!



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