Are you feeling creative?

Hey my audacious creative friend!
So much, well actually, ALL of my work revolves around creativity. That is my life, making my life beautiful, everything is art, living lit up and spreading the love! I love to call myself an uplifter!

You know, I’m always talking about that. That is what I work with my clients and dancers on, building a biz of their dreams, making money, feeling good in their skin, developing great rituals and habits, rewriting their lives so to have an even more satisfying and rewarding life, and giving back to others.

And I do believe everyone is a creative. So many different ways to be creative, but tuning into yourself, your heart, and your desires, and really listening to what you want, and what you want to change!

I’m super excited to have been asked to be a participant in this Summit on Creativity, Consciousness, and Art… and of course, I love to talk about movement and creative connection!

It’s free for you to join and see what 21 experts have to share with you…how cool is that?

And this online event is super exciting and starting Jan. 27th

Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit

Explore your power as a conscious creator!

Sign up at the link below and join me and 21 other influential speakers, who will illuminate our power and inherent birthright as genius creators!  Step into your power now, and sign up for this FREE online summit. It’s never too late to dream yourself into creating a life of purpose! Click here!

Sounds fun and informative too, right?!

**Register HERE for this FREE odyssey through creativity and imagination**

Yours in Creative Dreaming, always! See you online…

Spread the love and please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining us for this amazing Summit! So excited!!!



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