Heart and Hustle with guest love artist,  Sarah Love McCoy Episode #74Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,
with your hostess and Magic-maker, Paulette Rees-Denis
with my financial girlfriends,
Lisa Brumm and Christine Aronson, Episode 81

OH MY GODDESS…  what a fun conversation about MONEY!!!
Peeps, this is good stuff, and inspiring stuff, and necessary stuff!

Money! Always a great topic of conversation, right? Often frustrating, often lack of, well… today I have a Heart and Hustle interview coming up with my Financial Girlfriends, Lisa Moon Brumm and Christine Aronson… a brilliant new way to work with your money, especially as women who often don’t know how to invest, or even pay off those credit cards….

Watch our interview with Lisa and Christine and see how to approach your money in a new way, and how these women are changing the way investment firms can deal with you and your money…money shaming, money consciousness, and so much more…

Investing, saving, making money can be scary, be a hot topic, and we women have to stand up and own our money, and let it work for us!

so have fun, listen in, connect, talk about, and use your money to benefit you! amen, and you are welcome!

Watch here


soooo, what shifted for you, my friend? what are your takeaways from this episode?

More info for you about these fabulous women and company….

All income-producing Americans have the right to work with a financial professional without any out of pocket fees!! Team MFG will help you get financially organized with approachable solutions.
As women we do everything together. We talk about our relationships together, we go shopping together, we go to the bathroom together… but the one thing we don’t do together is talk about our money! Allow we me to be your financial girlfriend, the one you come to and discuss your money issues with.

Unlike other advisors in the industry, I believe in welcoming you with a hug, fostering a shame-free safe-zone for us to discuss the various elements of your financials and always have you leaving with a sense of hope and relief. As a non-fee based planner, my passion is not product-pushing but rather sparking a sense of financial curiosity in my clients.”

And thus the term “financial girlfriend” was born. The rest is a collage of client experiences, late-night brainstorming and daydreaming of transforming the financial industry into a place of relationships, education and strategy.

The MFG Philosophy:
~ Fostering a shame-free zone
~ Non fee-based financial planning
~ Accessible to all incomes levels
~ No selling, just strategizing
~ Relationship driven

Thank you , as always, for being here…
until next time,



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