Happy Monday gorgeous one!

Are you ready for the week? How do you prep for the week ahead? 

Are you excited to get rolling? And first, that would be to roll out of bed, or jump up with excited anticipation, or lay there stretching and feeling good, envisioning the day? Or are you a morning grumbler, not excited to start your workweek, would love to throw the covers back over your head and stay there a bit longer?

Which would you rather be?

Me, I love the morning. I get up when it is still dark, and quiet, and love watching the sunrise, going outside with my dogs, and feeling so grateful, to be in my body, to be alive, to start thinking about the upcoming projects, and really to just breathe deep in the solitude of my morning.  

How to start your day: this is my practice...Meditate, Percolate, and Dance Break… 

Morning routines, rituals, habits, are important in setting yourself up, your day up, for success. Whether they be 5 minutes or 60 minutes, this is YOU time, to have for you. A morning meditation, prayer, acknowledgement, check in, just feels so good, so right, to set up the day. Before the chaos of the kids, of breakfast, of rushing off… How many of you have that morning time for meditation? 

Then writing, journaling, percolating… after the meditation, to brain dump or download, what’s up in the head and get it out in words, release those thoughts, create new ones! Whatever comes through you… remember: thoughts become words become things!

Then your dance break! Whatever physical movement rocks your body… yoga, running, stretching, dancing, to feel in your body, to move and raise your energy, to feel alive! I am a morning walker/runner… I love a good power walk, in any kind of weather. But I also love jumping on my bike, or a quiet yoga routine with perhaps a little cardio.  I have to move! Then I’m ready.

Can you wake up a little earlier to have it? This is something I recommend to all my clients, my dancers. To bring yourself into your body, your heart, and listen to your inner self… It’s that connection. To be connected with your inner you, your higher self, your god, your source… then you can connect with the outside world so much easier, with a beautiful flow. And feel freakin’ great… that’s the whole point, to feel good, to do what feels good…

Love that feeling of flow… 


I’m excited for a few things today. My interview went live today on the Art is Life summit, about Conscious Creativity, so honored and excited… and I do talk about moving the body and how that helps your creative juices! You can still join the FREE summit here… and if you have a listen, I have a free Dance with Desire E course for you!  ($100 value!)


Also, my Heart and Hustle Live has started up again! Woo hoo… I love this…I love connecting with you. This is my Facebook live every week, Tuesdays, 10 am PST…Join me for inspired bits of conversation, some coaching help, fun, and often even some poetry and card readings! Short and sweet…  Click here for my FB page

Ok my beauties, pay attention to how you start your day! I want to see you rise and shine and live the life of your dreams! And feel so good…

And I’m so glad you are here…with gratitude,

And let me add, if you are grumbling about going to work, not loving your job, wanting and ready for a change…  

then it’s time to book a free Discovery Session with me, and let’s see what we can to to get to your creative magical mojo happening! It’s time my friend, for you to live lit up! And create the job you desire to have, the work you want to do, to live your purpose and make money too… woo hoo… that’s what I help you with as your LIfestyle and creativity biz coach!

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