Happy love day to you gorgeous!
Today make it an uplifting day…
support, compliment, reach out, hug, phone call, and love someone! Be an uplifter!
Shine your light…

If you haven’t heard yet… I am so excited that my book,
Tribal Vision: Celebrating Life Through Tribal Belly Dance, is now available on Kindle through Amazon!!!

Even though this book came out many moons ago, it is still relevant and important information about the journey through this style and genre of bellydance and beyond! Plus lt has lots of gorgeous color photos of dancers and musicians and yumminess!
Click here to check it out…

I’ve been wanting to do this for years, and finally got it done! Changes in technology made it easier for me to finish up this project, plus hiring the right people at the right time. and then following through over the bumpy road. What I talked about on my Heart and Hustle Live last week was about commitment and follow through…it was a great conversation! You can watch that in case you missed it, here.

and this is a good example of getting it done. I had started to do this several times, had some good people give me some advice, but I could not either find a way or find the right person to assist. But I finally did this week…whew… so happy to it digitized and available. Follow through, and that feels so good, another project completed, an so glad that it can reach more people who are inspired by dance and living the life of your dreams!
P.S. I still have only a few hard copies left if you desire, on my website…


**NOT TUESDAY next week, but MONDAY, a special day at 10 am PST
Heart and Hustle Live is rocking! I love this connecting with you every week… This is my Facebook live every week, normally every Tuesday, 10 am PST, except next week on Monday, Feb. 17th…Join me for inspired bits of conversation, some coaching help, fun, and often even some poetry and card readings! Short and sweet…  Click here for my FB page

Enjoy this day and fill your heart with love…sending you great love juju,

Let’s Talk…book a free Discovery Session with me, and let’s see what we can do to get to your creative magical mojo happening! Looking for support and some creative tools to get your mojo running? And create the job you desire to have, the work you want to do, to live your purpose and make money too… woo hoo… that’s what I help you with as your LIfestyle and creativity biz coach!

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GC Teacher Training Level one starts this Saturday, Feb 15th, for 4 weeks! Have you finished Collective Soul Level One and ready to move into your 1st level of Teacher Training? There is still time to register and begin with me this next week!

Click here and register now… Join the team and the tribe and build your dance and your career!
( and then CS2 starts March 21st!)

and please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining up and reading about our gatherings and more… thank you for spreading the love! Make sure to sign up for my weekly bits of love!


Collective Soul Level Two, Online — starts March 21st, 2020!




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