Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers

with me, your hostess!

Paulette Rees-Denis and

with guest Angelic Intuitive and jewelry maker, Kelly Beyer, Episode #84

“Open and receptive to changing one’s life!” Wow, this is where this conversation started with Kelly!  These are the people that Kelly Beyer works with, as an Angelic Intuitive, and how she realized her gifts of helping others. She is a clear vessel that allows her gifts to help others heal, change, see themselves more clearly. She did not want to be caged and has lived by her intuition. Kelly is doing what she is supposed to do, and ignites others, living her purpose by helping them.

Opal Ascension--and her jewelry is gorgeous and has healing proponents too, like her. This woman is a power house and so full of love and laughter…bam! What a great conversation today on Heart and Hustle! We hit on lots of different topics in a sweet, short time. I know you will enjoy this and I’d love to know what you get from this.

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More about Kelly!

*And Kelly has a gift for you: anyone who books an Angelic Soul Healing Session will get a 20 min. Free session to donate to a friend or loved one so they can experience the healing energy… how awesome is that?!

Opal Ascension was launched in July of 2012. Kelly Beyer is owner and creator of Opal Ascension High Vibrational Swarovski Crystal jewelry.

Kelly is also an Angelic Intuitive. Each piece in the Opal Ascension line is created by hand and encoded with high vibrational energy. As with a true Opal, each client is unique and multifaceted. Each piece of Opal Ascension jewelry is designed to enhance that uniqueness.

Opal Ascension Jewelry illuminates any occasion with it’s sparkle, beauty, and radiance. Each piece is created with Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystals are the highest quality man-made crystal. The process was created in 1895. The process uses 32% lead and a precision tool known only to the Swarovski family. Swarovski crystal is known as the ‘diamond” of all crystal. The intricate designs and color palette are so vast the possibilities are endless.





Thank you friend, for listening and watching in today…until we meet again! I love that you are here with me!



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