This beautiful painting is from Pamela SueJohnson,

a former client and now a beautifully successful and abundant artist, so excited to use one of her paintings on my cover…


A Reset and a Makeover!

Tuesday, and life is changing as we know it, minute by minute… I’m here, and I”m continuing to reach out to you, to be of support in these chaotic and scary times. I’m here, to tell you that this is a time for opportunity, for YOUR possibilities…

It is time for a RESET!

That’s what I’m thinking… we are being forced into this weird kind of quarantine, so that is like forced alone time… What to do? Reset, my friend… What we want to do is continue to move forward, with beautiful momentum, energy, creative vision, and stay on top of our game. Now is the time to look at where you are, and where you want to be. Now is the time to show up and stand up and go after all that you desire. To build bridges, to forge streams, to maintain wellness and integrity, to lay foundations for the next phase, the new path, the ongoing journey.

It’s a reset, for the earth, and for our life as we knew it. Time for a change, to rewrite what you’ve been wanting. Don’t you feel it? Not the fear of chaos, but the opening up of something you’ve been wanting…

This is the new way… self-education, creations, virtual connections and support and studies… empowering yourself like this as the new norm! 

A makeover…
Think of this as a makeover. I LOVE that. To put into action those things that have been waiting in the wings… To connect with that divine feminine strength and creative prowess. Like beautiful self-loving and inner connection, for taking the dare to get off the couch and walk the talk, take the steps, into your next becoming… a makeover! Like a super-duper fancy full-on facial and massage, from the inside out, with every cell of your being…

I am here to support you, to stay connected with you. How am I doing that? Social media, my friend… my new course, my Instagram posts, my Facebook lives, my Heart and Hustle interviews, my online classes, my free workouts and inspired bits, my poetry. I am here for YOU. I want to see you blast through these days of uncertainty with your truth and vision, with your possibilities for change and abundance. To bring your gifts, your art, to the world! Reset!

NOW is your time, more than ever. We want you and your art, your creative heart, your inspired soul, to build that body of work, that dream, so that you can dance with your desires and make them happen! 

I have been talking about these ideas on my FB lives and we had a juicy chat earlier today, please go here to have a listen… plus got 2 new life shorts ( my poems) for you today to keep you inspired and juicy and revved up…

***Go here to listen to our conversation today…



Faint of heart or

Strong with determination

Wafting ideas of what can be

Envisioning possibilities

Desires of opening

Knowing, deeply, there is more

More to live, more of you

More of me

Connections not always seen

But soulfully felt

Excitingly waiting

For the road to unfold

For the unsung melodies

The unseen trails

The breaking open

Patiently flowing

Into the mystical vision

Into the hungry knowing

Deciding for the yes

Of all that can be.


Paulette Rees-Denis


From Soulless to Soulful Creative Abundance!

Starts next Monday, March 23, five weeks with me!

This is what I’m talking about.. It’s time for you…


the NEW online course! This is the new creative mastermind for women, you, a small intimate group of creatives ready to set your dreams and desires on fire, to live lit up and share your heart and soul and make your dreams come into being, finally…I want to talk with you this week and see if this is your next best step…

In this course we’ll go through these steps and more: 

  • Rejuvenation: Meditate, Percolate, Dance Break
  • Rewrite and Change your Story
  • Working through Your Money Game
  • Mapping Out Your Plan- making your Magic Action Plan!
  • And the Allowing and Asking for What You Want

We’ll be meeting once a week on Zoom and in our private group page, great connections, you get me and each other. How fabulous is that for stepping into your creative zone of genius?

Click here to schedule that time with me for a quick chat about the 5-week course which starts next Monday.. 

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Regular pricing, $825.00

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With a bonus discount too, to the annual women’s retreat, Illumination, Create and Elevate, to Costa Rica in July… the culmination of what you are creating with adventure and dance and connection and feeding your soul with all the creative goodness…


Barefoot visionary

Dance is my life.

I circle around and around

Spiraling up, winding my way back down

As I revel in my bounty.

The bounty of beauty

Laughter, tears, textures and layers

I am a maker of magic.

I am a barefoot visionary

Idyllic visions of unity

Of bringing women of the world together

My feet dance barefoot

Around the world

Paving the way for enlightenment

Not tiptoeing, but breaking ground

Stomping with grace and reverence

Communities bond as more feet join in

Cultures colliding, colored and fused

Merging and joining the

Collective souls

The wise ones, the young ones, the mothers, the daughters

Nourishing the elements within and with out

Magic is created in the growing circle of dancing feet

You are a maker of magic

Carrying the legacy

Continuing to build without walls

and create another circle

As now all can revel in the bounty


Paulette Rees-Denis



So much love for you, and see you soon!


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