Hello my beautiful Dance with Desire friend!

We’ve met through my interview series, assorted podcasts, my blog, my classes! So delighted to stay in touch with you, now especially, through these crazy chaotic times of social distancing, job displacement, isolation, and fear with this global virus. 

I am reaching out to you because I am so curious to know how you are doing.

What has changed for you? What has motivated you to move forward? Or what has stopped you from stepping into that creative zone of genius?

Now, more than ever, is a great time for a change, for a reset. Time to rewrite your story and stand up for your dreams and desires, to stand in your creative zone of genius, and take back your feminine power, to create, and rewrite the life you have been wanting.

I see this time in our world, now, with this virus, as that reset. The earth needs a reset, and so do we, like a forced action to give us time to look within, to take time to rethink, and to let our creativity, our dreams, unfold. But we need actionable steps. We need guidance and structure, a way to reach within to bring out our deepest longings.

Let’s raise the bar on our happiness, our abundance, our joy. Let’s bring into fruition our heart and soul, and move that body with passion and excitement. The world needs you. Your people need you.

I invite you into my small circle of creative women. My online class that starts this Monday, March 23rd, for five weeks. Let’s gather in our virtual circle of powerful women, ready to take themselves to the next level.

*And can I just add, OMG, I just got my manuscript for my new book back from my editors… oh, my heart is palpitating, this is so exciting! This is just one of the comments, “The way you’re breaking down the complex ideas behind rewriting old stories and diving into a soul-satisfying creative career while uplifting your reader and holding them accountable for their success is masterful. You clearly have a lot to offer your readers!”

I can’t wait for you to get this book into your hands ( May 14th) but you can still get into my online creative women’s circle and course that starts this coming Monday… the timing is in perfect alignment for you to make those self-introspective changes and step into your power and leadership and creative abundance! Ready to join me?

This virtual women’s circle is for you, for deeper commitment to yourself and your creative vision. Now couldn’t be a better time for us to focus together in the powerful feminine circle. Our divine feminine, as we call this creative force within us, is waiting to be unleashed!

More about the course:

Are you aching to change from feeling unrewarded job start using your creative skills for that new business you’ve been only dreaming of? Ready to work for yourself? Now you can get the tools, plus the inspiration, to create and build your satisfying future with your art, whether that be painting, dancing, writing, or any art form!

With my over 30 years in the coaching, art, business, and dance world, I’ll show you how to get started and move quickly! Whether you are just getting started, or on your way but need more guidance and support, this course is for you!

You will:

  • Get clear on the direction you want to go to start your dream business
  • Practice simple techniques for daily self-care and feel like new so you can move forward into that biz with ease and joy
  • Build your confidence and momentum to create your art that makes an impact for you and your new clients
  • Get creative tools to make money with your art and business
  • Learn great ways to take action steps so you can continue to build your dream job
  • Transform your sacred rebel self into a prosperous and successful artist 
  • Have more fun and celebrate your life!
  • Connect in our circle for support, empowerment, and inspiration!

That’s what this circle of women, this virtual 5 week gathering, is all about, with instruction, experiences, weekly virtual gatherings, inspired action and each other, with soul-stirring connection and support.

This starts Monday, March 23, and will meet online for 5 weeks, going through the steps in my new book, From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance!


Regular pricing, $825.00

For you, through this Sunday… only $412.50 for five weeks to your creative abundance!

Click here to sign up…would love to have you Join us!

If you have questions, PM me or email me at paulette@paulettereesdenis.com, or you can sign up with that amazing ½ price discount right here!

We’ll have a private place to gather online, to connect with each other, and we’ll meet at least once a week on zoom, on Mondays 1:00 PST. If you can’t make those times, the weekly sessions will be recorded and available to you, no worries! And time for Q&A with me too… YES!

Sign up  now and let’s get this divine circle of creative feminine abundance happening for each of us!

See you soon,

And may you stay safe and well and strong…I’m here for you!




Power- Up for the Summer Gals..

and please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining up and reading about our gatherings and more… thank you for spreading the love!



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