Hello boo!

It’s Monday and I wanted to see how you are doing, after the weekend, where most of us are in social isolation. Are you feeling healthy? Overwhelmed? Devastated? Optimistic? Refreshed? All the feels, right? Up, down, backwards, forwards… I know I’m feeling a bit like a yo-yo, but mostly great and positive and excited…doesn’t it feel like we are in a bad B movie? So surreal, when I drive through my little ghost town to go get some groceries, and wine, oh yes, lots of wine!

Seriously though, I am using my time with intention and awareness…I’m studying Qi Gong, finally, been wanting to do that for years!  Plus I am continuously working out and dancing, got to keep this body strong and vibrant.  Having gotten the edits back from my editor for my new book, I am delightfully pouring myself into rewriting parts of my book, while developing new online programs, doing lots of free FB and Zoom Live events ( got one coming up for you this week!) Sharing with you, connecting with you, and supporting you is of the utmost importance to me, while I still take this time for extreme self-care and downtime for myself too.  I’m showing up for myself, and for you, and committing to you, as always. Because I want to know what are you working on? What’s inspiring you these days? How are you spending your time at home? What can I help you with?

Come over to our women’s group, Dance with Desire, as we build a new Sisterhood Gathering community. Share with us how you are. This is the time to connect, or reconnect, and commit to showing up. We did some global calls last week on Zoom and it was awesome to connect with many of you from around the world. To instill connection and hope and awareness. (Click here…)

My message to you is to check out your mindset! What I always say, Thoughts become Words become Things! And now more than ever is the time for you to focus on HOPE and your POSSIBILITIES! Instead of letting fear and chaos overtake, look for the ways of staying healthy and positive (quit watching the news!!!!) There are so many folks offering free classes, great podcasts to listen to, and so many books to read while you are resting. Besides binge watching the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel again! (what are you watching?)

Plus with the added thoughts of how to give back, especially right now, if there is a way to help. That’s hard since we are in lockdown… many I know are making masks at home, the food banks are feeding the homeless and the unemployed and the children out of school. How many of you have lost your jobs, temporarily or permanently? How do you see your future possibilities? How can you use your creativity now? What’s been calling you from your heart and soul? Something you’ve been desiring for a long time? Maybe some new ideas are brewing because you have had time to sit, journal, meditate, think! And just BE! Now is a good time to rewrite your story.

The world as we know it will never be the same… this is your time to stand tall and show up and go after what you want, NOW… no more waiting, right?

And that, my friend, is exciting. I send you so many prayers and hugs and well wishes, and with such a desire to stay connected with you, to know how you are, and see what you are creating in this time…
See you soon my lovey~ thanks for being here…


***I’m excited to bring you a free 2 hour class on how to shift your mindset and gain clarity on your creative desires webinar for the Sisterhood Gathering later this week, as we go through all the changes and emotions of this time… I’ll post invite, and when you register you’ll get the zoom link. So excited to connect again, and offer this to you.

If I can help you get into that zone of genius, to rewrite your creative story, to figure out how to use your art to create a new way of working and of life, I am here for you, as your favorite creative biz and life coach! I’d love to offer you that free phone call with me, a Discovery Session, from Chaos to Creativity, and see if coaching with me will help set you up for success and get into your creative zone of genius! Now may be the perfect time for us, and I am ready to help you bust through those old stores and walls! Click this link to schedule with me this week



Join me Tuesday, 10 am PST for another Heart and Hustle Live, with me, on FB… every week! Let’s Talk! I want to know how ARE you doing? And time for us to connect and check in, plus more info…

Keep moving and stay strong!

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We’ve got three new online classes this month too, 2 fabulous workouts with Allie (kicking your booty), and a dance technique workout about formations in duets with the lovely Amanda and Jamie, all from the Global Caravan Dance Company.

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Keep moving and stay strong!

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