Hello love…

YOU are soooo invited to join our sisterhood gathering this week!


I’ve got the registration up and running now, for my FREE 

Live stream seminar this Friday, April 3rd ( do you believe it’s April already?) at 12 noon-2:00pm Pacific time!

This masterclass is called 

From Chaos to Creativity

Think of this as an online retreat, a mini makeover, and time for yourself plus time for our magical connection, this beautiful online tribe of powerful creatives!

We’ll be talking about how to shift your mindset and gain clarity with your creative desires! As we go through all the changes and emotions of this time, now more than ever is this a great opportunity for you to tune in and turn on to your heart and soul!

What changes do you want to make? 

Bring your journal, perhaps a tea or coffee and let’s gather for some sacred time together. You will leave with some tools, reflections, and inspirations to move you forward in this time of social distancing and global upheaval… 

Let’s gather and create powerful connection and change… we can make magic together- divine feminine magic! 

You MUST register for this event, and then I will send you a zoom link! If you can’t make it in person because of the timing, register anyway so you can get a copy of the recording! I want you to be there with me, to show up, to stand up… ( we talked about this on my Heart and Hustle Live this morning… you can see the replay here…)


Register here, on my website… easy…

www.paulettereesdenis.com, right on the front page!

Thank you for that…

And now…

I share a poem with you today…

I feel holy…

by Paulette Rees-Denis

I feel whole, I feel holy

Listening in, tuning into my station, turning on my divine self

My divinity

My sacred feminine beauty

With the inner and outer badass, the rebel, the enchantress,

The sensual beauty, the quiet dancer,

The in-your-face-you’ve-got-this leader, the hungry listener,

The poetic guru

Truly taking the time to soften, to zone in, to unfold

Letting go of the self-imposed expectations,

the imprisoned body that must carry on — says who?

The physically imposed limitations that say stop now, fool…

You’ve really done it now, this time…

But not allowing that voice in, only listening to the gremlin,

Instead I’m bringing in the house of my holy, into myself, my beloved

Forever the audacious queen,

Continuing to step up, to leap big

Shedding scales of my skin

Busting up the bricks of that freakin wall

That I built so long ago

To reveal, the big reveal

The glory and the power and the purple mountains majesty

Of my creative juices flowing like a volcano

Ahhh. the vision clearing, burning away the old

And my stories being rewritten, I see the writing on my walls

Inner visions, by me, for me

Oh, that lovely and powerful force, the reconnection

It’s not accidental, this opening, the re-rendering of my exquisite self


Now go and get registered and I’ll see you on Friday, my love!

Register here, on my website… easy…

www.paulettereesdenis.com, right on the front page!


So much love and support and excitement for our continued connection.

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