To begin again...Hello gorgeous soul…

As I write this, we just had another earthquake. Bam… How life can change in a second. I don’t know about you, but over the past few weeks  I’ve had days of superior strength and resiliency, and I’ve had days of twiddling thumbs and WTF, and tears bursting out at nothing, even sobbing at nothing. I go out to the ghost town and it is surreal. I feel like I live in a bubble, sometimes in my own little world, it is as if nothing is different. Then I pause and remember, look around. Wearing bandanas as masks to the grocery store makes me shudder and cry. Standing far away from others is heart-wrenching. I hear bitching and complaining, I hear love and support, I hear fear and uncertainty. I hear concern and questioning. I rise up. I will rise up. I will continue to live, to create, to self-care, to hug with my eyes, to reach out when possible, to lead and listen. And do all I can to continue on. And support you as I do. I love you.

And that is why I am offering my 

From Soulless to Soulful Creative Abundance Mastermind

as a Pay What You Can, 5-week course!!! Wowza!

I’ve never done anything like this before, giving you this kind of opportunity to pay what you can. I feel great being able to offer this to you, as I know you all are going through your own individual circles of grief and fear,  jobless or job questioning, stuck but also being open to all of the new possibilities, and not knowing which way to turn first.

And I ask, what all is possible?

When I wrote and finished up my new book, just in February,  which is coming out in May ( woo hoo!), From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance, Find Fulfillment and Prosperity With Your Art

our pandemic crisis had not even begun. I was coaching creative women into new possibilities for their satisfaction, happiness, creative lifestyle and new business ideas, plus monetary abundance.

Now the world has shifted. My book feels now more important than ever and I am so glad I can reach more people to help them to shift and make the changes necessary and needed now in these times of a new way of living and working. It’s not just about a job change, but a lifestyle change. 

Now more than ever, we women need to step up in our Divine Feminine Roles as powerful creatrixes, leaders, unafraid to show a new way of working, of creating, of giving to the world a part of our heart and soul to make a change. And it’s time to live and bring our gifts to the world. The world needs us now. We can define how we want our new life to be.

This new Mastermind is based on the principles I teach in my book. We dive in deep to how to:

*Get Curious–don’t you love that word, curious? What does it mean to be, and remain, curious? Eager to know or learn something, to remain ever expanding and growing, as a creative powerhouse. To find out what it is you really desire and why. To change into, to shift into those dreams, to see what is possible for you now and what you are wanting. And how to move into those desires.

*Rejuvenate: Meditate, Percolate, Dance Break–the ultimate in self care… as always, you want to start with you. Establishing a daily practice of self love and  committing to yourself for your own growth and potential. Learning to be quiet enough to hear your own voice. And learn ways to change your state, raise your energy, move forward with beautiful intention!

*Rewrite: Change your Story– having the tenacity to move forward into what you are really wanting to change, how you want to live, what you want to create… your dreams! You choice, you decide!

*Change Your Money Game- we all have old money stories. Time to let those go, so you can build your business, youR career, your life, into one of abundance and creation. And make money doing what you love. Rewriting a new paradigm for yourself. 

*Map Out Your Plan– Magic Action Plan! Your MAP! Mixing the Woo with the Practical. Oh yes, learning how to set up a schedule, while you create your actionable steps with a new ability to envision, define the outcome and realize the purpose of what you are wanting… makes a huge difference in how you run your daily life and business, and get things done with ease and flow and magic, instead of struggle and overwhelm. Plus being held accountable!

*Ask for What You Want–and believe in yourself. Ready to walk your talk, Now  — first you feel it and believe it, then you can see all your opportunities. You can overcome your obstacles, expedite your skills, network with like-minded people and build your community as you step into the role of your feminine leadership. 


From Soulless to Soulful Creative Abundance..Move from Chaos to Creativity–in our online Mastermind starting tomorrow, Monday, April 6th for 5 weeks of support, tools, introspection, connection and action!

Join our divine circle of creative feminine abundance in this 5 week online course!

and offering you a PAY WHAT YOU CAN Offer!

This is my way of giving back now to you, to support you in this time of uncertainty, yet possibilities…

Because it’s Time for RESET and A PIVOT! Click here to register…

Let’s do this together…It’s time for you to step up and show up, to fill yourself up with all your soulful dreams! Make those changes. You will get the tools, on every level-physical, spiritual, and practical, with the inspiration to create and build that satisfying new future with your creative vision! See how you can give back to the world now, what you have to offer and be of service while you fulfill your new goals –time to pivot!

Join us and pay what you can .. Read more and register NOW! We start tomorrow! 

Click here to sign up and I’ll see you soon!

There are several pay options for you to choose… this course is normally $425.00, but I am giving you the choice to pay from $0 all the way to full price. You know what you can do right now and how you can invest in yourself, and I honor that in you, so you can make a change. NOW!

We will meet in a private FB group, have a weekly teaching zoom call, Mondays at 1:00 PST ( calls are recorded if you cannot attend live), get homework, time for Q&A with me, sharing with each other in our circle of creative feminine action. Plus get 2 private coaching calls with me. 

So what are you waiting for?! NOW is your time, my friend, let’s do this together. Register now…

So excited to have you join our magical circle of abundance and change,


**Here is a song for you, that has been my theme for years as we continue to create change for ourselves, and now for our entire life plans… Life Will Never Be the Same , by Haddoway…

Bonus!  and you will get a copy of my E-book in just a few weeks when you join us too!

***and please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining up and reading about our gatherings and more… thank you for spreading the love!



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