Heart and Hustle:
Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,
with your host, Paulette Rees-Denis
and guest biz and success coach, Chris Jackson,
Episode #87

Hello my friend!

I don’t have many men on my video podcast only because I focus primarily on women entrepreneurs. I would love to have more men. And today I’m bringing you Chris Jackson, from Australia, who is currently living in Bali!

I met Chris 3 years ago on a working retreat in Fiji, and we’ve stayed connected ever since, so I am delighted that he spend some time with me for this interview.

This is good stuff, we talk about how he has built his business so he can take it anywhere, on the road, and  how he got into coaching from being a mechanical engineer! Whoa… we talk about how he tapped into his spiritual sign to come back into alignment with his purpose, his zone of genius, his north star! He has become a personal architect! I love that phrase…

We talk about how he has shifted his business, how he found what was right for him and what he did to find it, a great journey. And it is gratifying to see how he has rebuilt his new life how he wanted it to be, and how he could make it work.

Making a decision is the thing! Being committed to dive deep into the unfamiliar… Life will always have our back, Chris says. So true… He is dynamic and peaceful, and works from his heart!
Have a great look and listen to our interview…

Click here to view

More about Chris:

I help business owners activate their ultimate inner game, master the skills and strategies of business to create extraordinary businesses doing what they love!

As a business & success coach, it’s my role to help my clients experience deep and fulfilling levels of success and happiness through creating instant and transformational mindset changes to create improvements in Business profitability.
I empower people to awaken to a limitless, elite mindset which unlocks potential peak performance in their professional and personal lives and. I know first hand that the path to a deeply fulfilling and successful business life is achieved through mastering our psychology, the skills of business, and implementing proven strategies, systems and processes
I am a professionally trained business, success and transformational coach, personal development consultant, and trainer in emotional intelligence, sales, and influence. I am also as a certified Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy (TM), Accredited consultant of Extended DISC (TM) behavioral profiling and Meta Dynamics (TM).
My passion is working with ambitious entrepreneurs and organizations who understand the core importance of mindset towards success and are willing to take intelligent action in achieving their business and life objectives.
e: chris@chrisjacksoncoaching.com
w:  www.chrisjacksoncoaching.com


Let us know in the comments what you get from this interview…I always love to know what your takeaways are! Thanks for joining us today… have a blessed weekend, and stay healthy and strong! w
With gratitude


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