from soulless job to creative abundance ebookAre you aching to change from that unrewarding job and start using your creative skills for that new business you’ve been only dreaming of?

Ready to work for yourself?

Now you can get the tools, plus the inspiration, to create and build your satisfying future with your art, whether that be painting, dancing, writing, or any art form!

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With Paulette Rees-Denis’ over 30 years in the coaching, art, business, and dance world, she shows you how to get started and move quickly! You will:

  • Get clear on the direction you want to go to start your dream business
  • Practice simple techniques for daily self-care and feel like new so you can move forward into that biz with ease and joy
  • Build your confidence and momentum to create your art that makes an impact for you and your new clients
  • Get creative tools to make money with your art and business
  • Learn great ways to take action steps so you can continue to build your dream job
  • Transform your sacred rebel self into a prosperous and successful artist
  • Have more fun and celebrate your life!

Get started with this book now and make your job your dream job!


Reviews are coming in!

What a gorgeous work of art!

Deep healing for the creative wounds so many of us carry. We need the creative surge this book brings RIGHT NOW.

Gerri Ravyn Stanfield


A Must Read for Anyone Creative and Everyone on a Journey of Self Discovery

Paulette Rees-Denis has a unique and beautiful way of inspiring and leading us through a process of becoming more of who we already are. Able to discover her own way to living an authentic and creative life herself, she shows us how to do the same, and stay grounded in our truth. she weaves heart, soul and magic into this beautiful journey of coming back home to our creative intelligence while teaching us how to share it with the world, and become more abundant and fulfilled in the process! Thank you so much for writing this beautiful and much needed book for us all to benefit from!

Joy Stone


Creatives can be abundant!

Paulette teaches her “turn your light full on, no dimmer switch” magic, inspiring creatives like me to live our best life! Paulette and her book are the real deal, and her easy way gives me confidence I can really do this: make money and be creative at the same time.

Kathy Milburn


If you’ve ever worked with Paulette, you know that she’s infectious.  Her belief in you is what makes her so incredible.  

How often do you tell yourself that if you only knew what you want you could change, be successful, follow the recipe you’ll get it right?  I know, years of self-doubt and self-sabotage built up barriers to what I really wanted for myself.  Yes, I knew it was there, just outside my reach, but really did I deserve it?

Then I met Paulette.  

Not only did she see the potential in me, she helped me see it in myself.  And-gave the tools that were there for the taking.  Rewrite your story- her words echoing in my heart, head, and soul now ever-present as the world of creative potential awaits.  

Imagine having that creatrix guru there for you to access when every needed- From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance is that smile, hug, voice into your potential that is there at your fingertips.  If you ever feel the need to explore your limitless boundaries- start here.

Angie Wimmer


What a most fabulous, inspired read! I love that it reads like a conversation you could be having with Paulette at any time, perhaps even with a glass of wine in hand. That inner crone wisdom she weaves into tapestries of pure beauty, with those eyes that stare deep into your soul ….encouraging you to delve deeper and explore further your own existence.

A charming almanac of how to create and live an inspired, bigger, more abundant life!

It’s not just a book, but a glimpse into her soul, an anthology of heartfelt poems, it’s a guide with a toolbox ripe to instigate into your own life, a workbook with challenging self-reflection exercises to ponder, a well-intended self-help guide to gain the clarity so you can “jump” into the life you truly desire… and deserve.  

Paulette is such a pioneering woman, who is driven by a deep passion and desire in her heart and soul, and has been brave & courageous enough to subvert the form to simply break away from ‘the norm’ the ‘sheeples’ and find her true authentic self….a wise, successful, leader, role model and mentor to us all. 

I too wish to be a Possibilitarian!!

Congratulations Paulette, 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone feeling the ‘stuckness” of a half-lived life!

blessings Richelle Spencer x


I AM a “Possibilitarian!” and if you read Paulette Rees-Denis’ new book, you will be too!  I love Paulette’s down to earth style. It’s like having a glass of wine with your best friend who is telling you like it is!  We all need THAT person in our lives! Reading about her journey is so inspiring.  And the best part?  Her book is a roadmap for becoming who we really are and making a difference in this world doing what we love!  She warns you about the potholes and detours and lays out a plan to success! 

As a current client of hers, I can tell you that she is the real deal!  Knowledgeable, encouraging, inspiring, empathetic, fun, and when necessary, one helluva of a good ass-kicker!  ?  If you want to unfold into your true becoming; get that business you’ve always wanted off the ground; and make a difference in this world, then start by reading this book!  

Victoria Downs


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