Today is a down day, as in chill. Taking time to relax, enjoy this beautiful day, dreams of veggies growing in my new soon to be garden,  my new book coming soon, bike riding with friends around paradise with masks on, eye candy art, taking time to reread and chronicle some poems ( my life shorts), and just to be! And while I was being, I started writing a new life short. In my head.

And damn it, I had to run to get my computer so I could capture the wave of words. Or they would be gone in a heartbeat. My memory does not retain things sometimes! And the words were pouring out. Thinking about the time we are in, thinking about standing up and speaking my piece, of guiding others to find their truth, to making a stand for our planet and our creatures, and to not eat them, to believe in my own authenticity. to dance with my dreams and my visions and my history, to quit sucking it up sometimes to please others. Everyone has a voice, everyone has a belief, but to help change the planet and the times and our businesses and our choices now is so important. It will never be the same, nor should it be. We are here to stand up and speak up and not be afraid to create and pontificate!

And what is the new normal? What was the old normal? Sitting and comforting and consuming and not acknowledging how the earth was changing, the animals were dying, the air was disgusting, the consumerism was obnoxious. Yet, there was a beauty, lying deep within, a vision of perhaps, of habit breaking, of taste changing, of old ways going away and new norms being set. Of possibilities being seen, if only…

Paul Jarvis wrote today in his Sunday missive, ” Let me explain: normal, for the most part with the global economy and big business has been kind of a burning dumpster fire. It’s been ruining our planet and tearing through finite resources, putting profit over people, and creating a vast chasm of a divide between those at the top and everyone else.”

It can’t be the same, peeps, we need to take a stand and make it better and honor all that came before, and especially all that will come after this crazy time of lockdown and isolation and fear, but also hope and opportunities. For we are all here to live in beauty, to honor the sacred ways, to create, to be the living we all are doing, the bodies that we all have, the relationships we can all be part of, the work that we envision for ourselves, to be part of the whole, the tribe, the circle of life.

And how cool is that? That we have a choice and a chance…

and here is my new life short, called A New Grace

Being a magic maker of dreams

Being an enchantress and a poetess

A goddess of living and loving

Life will never be normal again I hear

But what is normal and was it ever?

 My normal is as a sacred rebel,

A dancer to my own drummer

Hearing and seeing and vision questing

Asking for the light, drawing down the light

Singing the songs of my soul, my divine and fucking sacred soul

I have wallowed in, but will not settle 

In these times of change, I must stand for my dreams

Others question

Some fight for their own visions

And fight for the perpetual sameness

But I believe in my ways

My stories, my visions

My past and my future

And here now in the present

My values, the earth and the creatures,

I have guided many into their own dreams

As I follow mine

To show, to speak up, to guide, 

To honor the new ways of living

To honor the life that is changing

Of standing in power and rightness

And divineness

It will never be the same

Nor should it be…

We have been shown a new way,

We have been shown a change

We have been given a reprieve

We must look beyond the comfort

The ways of yesteryear

The unknowing and the unseeing

The  habits of disgrace

Can we step forward into a new grace

A new compassion and passion

As the air unfolds and the dolphins swim

The earth starts to resonate with itself again

Void of the filth and the consumption

Back to the sacred

The sacred tribes will rule if given a chance

If they take to  the listening deep

If they allow the chance and the change

To see the wrongs of their ways

The habits to break

The lives to take

The art to create

There is so much beauty and support

To be a way maker and a life changer


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May you all stay safe, healthy and full of passion for what is to come… may you pay attention and make changes for yourself and your dreams and step into your power, your beauty, your values and beliefs…

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