We’ve been addicted to going fast, to instant gratification, to keep on moving, perhaps to prove the word “busy” is how you are, to the physical adrenaline of constant rotation through life. Do you know what I mean? That has been me over and over again through my years. With modern technology, instant buying and delivery tomorrow, to damn, my internet is so slow today, or even worse, my internet is DOWN. omg…

And now. These days, we find time on our hands, isolation and social distancing in place, no going to work, hell, staying in your pajamas all day ( oh no, not me, I get dressed every day, even if it is yoga pants all day!) and I make my bed, and i do the dishes, I brush my teeth, I want to present myself to my day… I have to have some order from chaos, so my brain is free to move forward!

There are so many blessings in this time, it keeps blowing my mind. And I am loving it. Taking time to just be, to just sit and ponder, to write a poem, to look around. Feel the gratitude of life.

I wrote about this a bit in my last blog, my sunday musings, with my new “life short” about a new grace.  ( here.)

And continued to talk about it on my Heart and Hustle Live on Tuesday, here, if you missed it.. Even after tech difficulties on FB… 🙁

I talk about being a wayfinder… about creating your new path, in these times. To be a magic maker. This is the time to desire and dance with and define your possible path, to think outside your box. This is what I am teaching my mastermind group this week, too.( That goes with the course for my new book!)  About thinking about what all is possible, and freakin go for it. And can I just say, my mastermind group this quarter is blowing it up! Talk about commitment and taking the steps ( which I outline in my book and use in this course). And stepping into their new creative zone of genius…I see so much inspiration, and future outcomes, and magic, and passion, and doing it…I live everyday for this!

A client sent a quote the other day that said something to the idea of being “lukewarm” about your life is just not good enough. As I was taking time to think and write, I came up with the thought that my clients, and many people I see, are afraid that they are living life without truly living life. BAM! That is lukewarm if not tepid and freakin chilly… or maybe even ice cold. 

So my friend, now is the time to find your new path, your new values, your new ideas, with connection, collaboration, inspiration, compassion, forgiveness, love, abundance. And to make it HOT! Lukewarm is not going to cut it…

 And today is Earth Day,

so with extra awareness and care for our lovely planet. 

Yesterday I went to get some groceries, yes, with my mask on that my good friend, Larry, made me. I about wept as I left the store, knowing that everyone I encountered could not see me smiling at them, as I always smile and talk to peeps as I pass by. 

So I want you to know that I am smiling at you behind my mask, and I am hugging you with my eyes, and I love you.

So grateful to have you here on our journey together, as we find our path, become a way maker, and you know I always have your back.

Your favorite creativity biz and life coach…

What’s coming up?

Time to lighten up and enjoy yourself and your body…let’s get unserious for a minute!

With the amazing Heather Shoopman in collaboration with Paulette!

Feel lighter and Brighter!

****NEXT Wednesday, May 6th, 2:30-3:30 PST

Two powerful magick makers are creating a course especially for the part of you that loves to play, express and create!

You’ll be led through an hour long experience on Zoom, that includes breath, movement, sound healing, drawing, words and most definitely laughing! (laughing IS the best medicine after all! ). Think of this as a playdate for the ultimate self care

Paulette Rees-Denis is a visionary & coach helping people open to the abundant, creative path of their dreams!

Heather Shoopman is a self care specialist & empowers the healer within.

Paulette and Shoop met in dance many years ago and have since inspired one another along their similar journeys through self-care and transformation.

Both of these woman exude such love, light and hope it will be a treat indeed to experience their energy together.

Go here to register: 


Hey friends! It’s almost here- my new book–From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance! 

This has been such an amazing experience to work with an amazing team, thanks to Dr. Angela Lauria and all at the Author Incubator to get this book out of my head, on paper and ready for YOU!

Virtual Book Launch party will be around May 14th, planning now!

**I would love a team of readers who would love to read my book ( for free of course!) and write a review on Amazon for me. Super beneficial for you, and tons of gratitude from me!

Please PM me if would like to do this, take some time to read it now before it is released, and write a short review! #incubatedauthor



*The next Mastermind with Paulette**

From Soulless to Soulful Creative Abundance

Move from Chaos to Creativity–online class with Paulette 

starting May 18th  for 5 weeks…

Join our divine circle of creative feminine abundance in this 5 week online course!

Starting May 18th  for 5 weeks…

Now is your time to step into your Creative Zone of Genius

Time for RESET and A PIVOT!

Based on the principles from Paulette’s new book: From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance: Find Fulfillment and Abundance with Your Art

Let’s do this together…It’s time for you to step up and show up, to fill yourself up with all your soulful dreams! Make those changes. With me you will get the tools, on every level-physical, spiritual, and practical, with the inspiration to create and build that satisfying new future with your creative vision!  See how you can give back to the world now, what you have to offer and be of service while you fulfill  your new goals –time to pivot!

  • Now you will feel into all your possibilities…
  • You can overcome your obstacles
  • Expedite your skills
  • Network with like-minded people
  • Build your community as
  • Step into your role of your feminine leadership

**Early registration by May 1st, $325.00**

With my over 30 years in the coaching, art, business, and dance world, I’ll show you how to get started and move quickly! Whether you are just getting started, or on your way but need more guidance and support, this course is for you!

You will:

  • Get clear on the direction you want to go to start your dream business
  • Practice simple techniques for daily self-care and feel like new so you can move forward into that biz with ease and joy
  • Build your confidence and momentum to create your art that makes an impact for you and your new clients
  • Get creative tools to make money with your art and business
  • Learn great ways to take action steps so you can continue to build your dream job
  • Transform your sacred rebel self into a prosperous and successful artist 
  • Have more fun and celebrate your life!

That’s what this circle of women, this virtual 5 week gathering, is all about, with instruction, experiences, weekly virtual gatherings, inspired action and each other, with soul-stirring connection and support.

Click here to register


Heart and Hustle Live with me!

New time on Tuesdays! 9 am PST…on FB


*Friday, Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, with guests,

 Team healers, spiritual guides, Lisa and Ana… watch for it!


***and please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining up and reading about our gatherings and more… thank you for spreading the love!



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