Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,
with healing team Lisa Aranas and Ana Roussev, Episode #86

Hello love!

Another exciting round of Heart and Hustle for you today… with my guests from Empowered and Authentic Living, Lisa and Ana! These two women have combined forces for dynamic healing,  blending their various backgrounds of metaphysics, spiritual healing and channeling, and psychotherapy, professional counseling to create their special healing and coaching work. They are Twin Flames, bringing together their similar energies into one combo of incredible healing work.

We talk about how they met and decided to work together, how each of their work compliments each other and ideally help their clients even deeper and faster! And all the deep work they had to do in order to work with each other in this beautiful way. And what about the issues that come up as a team? Super wild conversation… check it out!

Have a watch and listen and let us know how this moves you!



More about Lisa:

Lisa Aranas, JD, LCPC, is a Life Coach and attorney and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who received her counseling degree in 2001.

Since receiving her counseling degree, Lisa has devoted herself to helping couples, adults, adolescents, and families experience a better sense of harmony and happiness in their lives. Her work includes helping clients struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions, OCD, ADHD, relationship issues, family conflict, grief, GBLTQ, and self-esteem issues.  However, beyond just helping resolve their “brokenness,” she also guides her clients in helping them find purpose and meaning in their lives.

Lisa sees every person from a holistic point of view, recognizing that the mind, body, and spirit are intricately intertwined. Therefore, when working with clients, she incorporates interventions and educates her clients from all aspects – psychological (using various models of therapy including CBT and narrative therapy), physical (educating on nutrition and exercise), and spiritual (including spiritual laws, mindfulness, and guided meditations). She believes that clients ultimately can be free to live their lives fully following this simple guideline: Eat right, move your body right, hydrate right, think right, sleep right, and connect to the universe/higher power right. All of her interventions are designed to help clients remove obstacles that get in their way of being free to be their best authentic selves.

More about Ana:

Ana was born in Bulgaria where she spent the first 8 years of her life before moving to Russia for 6 years. After returning to her homeland, she earned her Associate degree from the Technical University of Ruse pursuing her passion for art and innovative design. Most significantly, even before leaving Bulgaria, Ana already knew that she wanted to help people so that they would not have to struggle in life. This became the driving force of everything she did, including knowing that she needed to relocate to the United States.

When she was 20, her dream to move to the States materialized. Even as a stay-at-home mom, she educated herself on personal well-being. Her yoga training program was one of her stepping-stones to understanding how important it is for one to care not only for the body, but the mind and spirit as well. That launched her into learning more about whole wellness. That led her to studying energy work and the connection between emotions, mental, and physical health.

In 2013, she began to study the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, a combination of spiritual and psychological philosophies combined to bring authentic happiness to anyone. After a few years of learning and volunteering at the Kabbalah center, she was ready to be on her own. In 2016 she opened her own business and started working with clients. She knew that her message was worth spreading so she started appearing on stage. Her love of teaching and inspiring people propelled her to start teaching in different institutions.

In 2018, Ana met Lisa Aranas, a family therapist, who shares the same vision of freeing people of limiting thoughts and emotions. After witnessing the power of their combined talents in helping clients, they decided to officially join to bridge Eastern and Western philosophies and created Empowered And Authentic Living (EAL).



Heart and Hustle is also available on Youtube: subscribe  and watch here…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgcYGfMv-Xo


Wow, right?

I just love bringing the world of business and magic and inspiration to you, my friend, and I love to know what you take away from watching!

in the meantime, stay safe and healthy

and take extra good care of yourself in these times, and see you soon!




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