Asking for what you want!

Happy May Day my friends…Sit down,  grab a cuppa, this might take awhile…

Just wow…  wow wow wow… I am being humbled by my book launch team. And I am so honored… this is a beautiful lesson, again, for me, but also for all of you. To ask for what you want!

As most of you know, I am releasing a new Ebook in just under 2 weeks!! 

From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance

Finding Fulfillment and Prosperity with your Art

(May 14th on Amazon). 

I had the beautiful privilege of working with a team of incredible editors and writing coaches to see my work make it out to the world. This has been a totally different process than I did with my other 3 books.

My first book was a small release, 200 copies, of an art book, meaning a whole different printing method, of my photographs. Skin Stories, Layers of Life. My collaborator, T. Thorn Coyle, wrote the poetic text that overlayered with transparent paper over my photos of folks with all sorts of tattoos. Layers of living. This was my life as an art photographer!

And if you know me at all, I have had more incarnations than a cat with 9 lives! I do continuously reinvent my creative self and share that with you.

Living is about self-expression! That’s how I live, how I want to continue to thrive, and what I help my students and clients to go for. Right?

So that first book sold out, never to be remade. It was a grueling and loving process, waaaayyyy back before our computer technology.

My creative life as a dancer and producer took over the photographer’s life. I took over 8 years to write and finish my second book, Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Belly Dance. I went back to school and got my Master’s Degree, at age 50, in Writing and Publishing, knowing that I wanted to get this book out, along with more writing, and other’s creative endeavors as well, which I have done in many many ways- dance, blogs, anthologies, musical CD, DVDs, interviews… Oh, how I love to share other’s delicious creations, forging connections and relationships around the globe, with myself and others, but also between others. Tribal Vision came out in 2008 and is still selling, a must-have for every dancer! Win win, rewards a plenty.

OK, third book… amidst my incarnations, I finally claimed my position as a poet, working with my writing coach! I had been writing songs/poetry for years, but never considered myself a poet. So my plan was to take the next year and gather a collection of my words to put into a book. And I did it. Set a goal, with a purpose of sharing words to perhaps bring some beauty and inspiration into another’s world. I hired a book designer and we made a gorgeous small book called, Breaking Down the Walls, as a print on demand book. More learning logistics and technology here. And I love my little book of poetry, and have more to come. Not a best seller by any means, nor did I do much marketing. I just released it to the world.


On to this 4th book, From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance, and the life I am living now. Years of adding and subtracting more creative creations to my life’s work, chameleon that I am, becoming a certified Life Coach through my mentor and hero, Tony Robbins. Add in lots of other studies, coaches, collaborations, self-education, global travels, life experiences. Working with groups of women around the globe, teaching them to be teachers and creatives, teaching some to be leaders, guiding them to their dreams, believing in them — my passion in life, to see another create with divine connection, body and soul, to live with SOULFULLNESS, and live into their abundance. To release the soulless actions to fruits of creative fulfillment.

And also believing that you can find prosperity in your creative life’s work. Whatever that means to you, prosperity, abundance, money, happiness, fulfillment, giving back to the world. And then I wanted to share the tools and techniques of creative self-love and self-expression and that anything is possible. Putting it down on paper and making it a cohesive book and plan for my clients, retreats, and all-around wellness work that I do. I did it. With help.

And what I preach and teach to my clients, is to ask for what you want. If you don’t you won’t get it, simple. So finding clarity and truth in your heart and soul is imperative to get what you are desiring and living for. 

Which brings me to this blog today. This new book, a whole different process, more expenses, and a new way of marketing and business and reaching more people, helping more people. And here we are in this time of the pandemic and time for change. I couldn’t ask for better timing, to get out and help as many folks as I can, to make those changes.

And part of my process in releasing the book, already a best seller on Amazon, and available as pre-order, is to ask for reviews before it hits the streets! This is the way of the author these days, whether self-publishes or having a publishing company or a book deal. You have to do the leg-work to get your book out there. So I gathered my amazing Book Launch Team of over 30 folks, willing to read my advanced copy of the book, and post a review on amazon to help me spread the word. And as to what I guide my clients to do, I had to ASK for help! ) OMG… 

I put it out to the world that I needed help, to help me release my book. This has always been a hard thing, even for me, to do, for women especially (men, correct me if I’m wrong), to ask for assistance so they can rise up. To invest in themselves, to take time for self-care, for expansion, to open to their possibilities. Which is what I help you do as a Creativity Business and Lifestyle Coach! And here, I had to do it too!

And you know what? People want to help. 

I want to help, you want to help. We are here to support and uplift each other. We are here to be in community, in tribe, in connection. We want to see other shine, and to be satisfied, to be successful, to be. I have found this out. People truly want to be asked… and if you don’t ask, they don’t know. Never assume anything, my friends. Never assume someone else knows what you are thinking, or that you want them to help you, or you think you know what they are thinking. Ask for what you want, if you really want it. And be surprised. Most people will say OMG yes! Some may say no, because they can’t at the time ( that is not about you, friend!).

I asked for a Book Launch Team, and I got an amazing group of people ready and willing to read my book and write a review… That’s a win-win situation for sure… and I am humbled, proud, teary-eyed, delighted, excited, honored, and thrilled not only to be having this supportive gathering tribe, but now to also read the reviews coming in on my book! 

I have succeeded in getting the messages out there in the book that I wanted to convey, to help and guide others to their creative zone of genius… more on that later…

I’ll share one review with you here…

Paulette is a true champion of the creative potential within each person. She is like a cheerleader for all things possible.  From her poetry to her wisdom to her life experience, she guides one through the process of living out dreams…if one does the hard work to get there.  Altho her message is primarily written in language directed at women, it can be appropriated as truth for men. To read her book is to sense that one is sitting across from her on a beautiful patio, sipping a cup of something, talking with one’s best friend, who has only the best intentions for one’s life. Since I met Paulette, her wild, free, colorful spirit has lifted me from a constrained place to new creative expressions.  Let her be a champion of your unfulfilled dreams.  You won’t regret it.   JeanAnne Swope

just wow….

so… ask and you shall receive


Watch for my Book Launch Party on
Wednesday May 14th, at 1:00 PST,
on Zoom, with many fabulous special guests,
some book giveaways and more…
Registration will begin next week…

And see below for two more things to tell you about!

With extreme gratitude for you being here on our journey together,


What’s coming up!

Next Wednesday, May 6th Let’s have a Playdate!

Time to lighten up, relax, release, and let the body, mind and spirit, wander and delight! with movement, words, drawing, sound healing, and bits of laughter, let’s connect over zoom and surrender to the joy of play! so excited!!! Click here..


AND the new Mastermind 5 week course gathering, that is the companion to my new book, starts May 18th!!! 

From Soulless to Soulful Creative Abundance!

Read more and register, click here...There is an early discounted price if you register now… sweet!


New time for Heart and Hustle Live!!!! Tuesdays, 9 am (PST) for the next several weeks!

***and please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining up and reading about our gatherings and more… thank you for spreading the love!


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