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From Soulless to Soulful Creative Abundance

Move from Chaos to Creativity–online class with Paulette 

Clarity, Connection, and Confidence

Are you frustrated with not getting your creative work out there, not doing what you know is your soul and life purpose, not making enough money doing it? 

How do you get clarity on your creative desires and move out of that crazy place of chaos in your brain? You know that feeling, of being stuck, overwhelmed?  How do you know when it’s time to shift or what to do to move forward with those dreams? 

You KNOW when you are just DONE with the old stuff,  tired of the same ole same ole. Because you are ready to find clarity and connection within, start your own business, create that online program, write that book, or whatever is calling your heart and soul right now. You know when you get that feeling inside like, yes, there is something more for me to do.

Your time is now!

It’s time to go after what you want, to feel fulfilled, to find your people, your tribe, and get your work out there in the world. The world is waiting for you.

In my new 5 week course and Mastermind – From Soulless to Soulful Creative Abundance, Move From Chaos to Creativity – I mix the woo with the practical and give you tools and principles to get started and move out of that soulless feeling into your creative abundance. 


This is the roadmap I created for my new book and the strategies that I have used for years with my clients and students to gain clarity, connection, confidence, and actionable steps to step into their creative zone of genius! Put some SOUL back into your work and your life!


In our Mastermind and online course, you will get:

  • Clarity on your creative desires
  • Tools for daily self-connection and how to change your state
  • How to rewrite your story
  • How to approach your money game
  • And learn to work with your Magic Action Plan ( M.A.P.)

Through twice a week group coaching gatherings and Q&A, instructions, homework, support, and accountability, plus 2 private coaching sessions with me, plus my new book, we will move you forward with structure, action, and ease into the work you love and the joy it brings!

We start Monday May 18th…

**Early registration by May 14th, $325.00**

Regular pricing, $425.00, Click here…

That’s what this circle of women, this virtual 5-week gathering, is all about, with instruction, experiences, weekly virtual gatherings, inspired action and each other, with soul-stirring connection and support.

Sign up here and join us… ( and get the early discount by May 14th)

See you soon…


Celina, who just finished up the course with me, writes:

“Going through the creativity mastermind course with Paulette was a life-changing experience for me.  Like so many of us, I was at a crossroads in my life and career and was ready to make some positive changes to propel me toward the things I desired most.  

My challenge at the time was figuring out how to take the first step.  It was as if the Universe answered my call. An ad for Paulette’s course From Soulless to Soulful Creative Abundance Mastermind popped up and I thought this is exactly what I’m looking for. I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I’d feel comfortable in this group setting, but from day one it was like coming home and meeting friends I had no idea I was missing.  

Paulette takes us on a journey with storytelling and provides participants with the tools to take action now for lifelong positive change. 

This is definitely not a spectator sport and I’m so happy it wasn’t. You must show up, share and be ready to dive deep to get what it is that you seek. In the past, I might have signed up for something like this, invested money, and not complete it. I would look for any excuse to not do the work.  

With this mastermind, I looked forward to what I would discover about myself with each exercise and was eager to share breakthroughs I had. Going to the meetings was time I carved out in my day for me! Twice a week I was able to close the door, sign into the meeting and have meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals also seeking their way toward creativity and what they desired.  These are tools and friendships I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

Celina Klineschmidt,


“Grab your pen and your notebook and get ready to work. Paulette is going to build your level of excitement to fever pitch and then lead you through numerous exercises designed to get you digging deep and unearthing your dreams and the blocks to your success. You will undoubtedly come back to this book again and again for attitude adjustment and motivation.You can and will be your best self. Wahoo!. “  Barbara Graham Price


What a most fabulous, inspired read!

I love that it reads like a conversation you could be having with Paulette at any time, perhaps even with a glass of wine in hand. That inner crone wisdom she weaves into tapestries of pure beauty, with those eyes that stare deep into your soul ….encouraging you to delve deeper and explore further your own existence.

A charming almanac of how to create and live an inspired, bigger, more abundant life!

It’s not just a book, but a glimpse into her soul, an anthology of heartfelt poems, it’s a guide with a toolbox ripe to instigate into your own life, a workbook with challenging self-reflection exercises to ponder, a well-intended self-help guide to gain the clarity so you can “jump” into the life you truly desire… and deserve.  

Paulette is such a pioneering woman, who is driven by a deep passion and desire in her heart and soul, and has been brave & courageous enough to subvert the form to simply break away from ‘the norm’ the ‘sheeples’ and find her true authentic self….a wise, successful, leader, role model and mentor to us all. 

I too wish to be a Possibilitarian!!

I would highly recommend this book to anyone feeling the ‘stuckness” of a half-lived life!”

Richelle Spencer 


You are invited to my online Book Release Party!

Thursday May 14th, 1:00 PST on Zoom…

From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance, Find Fulfillment and Prosperity with your Art!

I’m so excited for the Ebook to come out ( on Amazon)and so delighted that we can have this virtual party to celebrate and have a good time together!

Plus I have very special guests joining us, Joy Stone, Pamela Sue Johnson, Lynea Gillen, Ravyn Gerri Stanfield, Elena Lipson, and Heather Shoopman! Authors, dancers, painters, teachers, coaches, creative fabulous women ( you will know!)

We’ll have an hour of fun, with book readings, some poetry, giveaways, prizes, and community gathering!  Sipping champagne too, but you’ll have to supply your own!

You MUST register to get the zoom link to attend…

So excited!

Here is the registration link:–rrTkvG9UUMQcHRjoOpvW5z4Iy0CTP

 It’s free, but you need to register!

***and please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining up and reading about our gatherings and more… thank you for spreading the love!


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