Happy Sunday to you friend!

what a past couple of weeks ( months, years!) or me! And I’m not talking about the pandemic.

I’m talking about my new eBOOK released to the world last week! Have you got your copy yet?

from soulless job to creative abundance ebook

I’ve already sold and gifted several hundred copies to the world, Wowza!, and that feels so good. Helping people make change in their lives, with their money issues, with confidence and self-esteem concerns, with work/career/creative dreams, learning how to create the changes they are desiring.

And if you’ve been following me at all, you know that it became an Amazon best seller quickly, with your help in buying the book and leaving amazing reviews… OMGoddess, the reviews… a few below…


Gerri Ravyn Stanfield

What a gorgeous work of art!

Deep healing for the creative wounds so many of us carry. We need the creative surge this book brings RIGHT NOW.


Joy Stone

 A Must Read for Anyone Creative and Everyone on a Journey of Self Discovery

Paulette Rees-Denis has a unique and beautiful way of inspiring and leading us through a process of becoming more of who we already are. Able to discover her own way to living an authentic and creative life herself, she shows us how to do the same, and stay grounded in our truth. she weaves heart, soul and magic into this beautiful journey of coming back home to our creative intelligence while teaching us how to share it with the world, and become more abundant and fulfilled in the process! Thank you so much for writing this beautiful and much needed book for us all to benefit from!


Kathy Milburn

Creatives can be abundant!

Paulette teaches her “turn your light full on, no dimmer switch” magic, inspiring creatives like me to live our best life! Paulette and her book are the real deal, and her easy way gives me confidence I can really do this: make money and be creative at the same time.


Ellen Boomer

This book is a bright light, just when I needed it! In her latest book, From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance, Find Fulfillment and Prosperity with Your Art, Paulette Rees-Denis inspires readers to answer the necessary questions to discover their passion and to create a path forward, led by their creativity. Paulette is the best teacher for this journey: she walks the walk, dances the dance, and lives the lessons she shares with her readers. Her authentic, inspiring, and enthusiastic soul shines brightly through this book, reading it is the next best thing to being with her in person. 


And there are soooo many more outstanding reviews!  I’m honored, and blown away, and excited, and weepy, and I’ve run through the gamut of emotions after releasing this book! And the Zoom online book launch party was fabulous, With great support from old and new friends…

You can get it here on Amazon… 

Are you curious about the book, about what I do as your creativity business coach? I am always reaching out to help guide women who are looking for change, to step into their dream life, their abundance, and their creative zone of genius! We all need help, support, and guidance to grow and thrive and change and see things out from that stuck place, that feeling of not knowing what to do first to make those changes. Yea baby, and getting support from someone who has been through it all, rough times, broke times, desperate times who has the ability to listen, see deeply inside the possibilities that you can be and do and have in your one beautiful life, right now!


Excerpt from Chapter 1

On the Verge of Becoming

I have seen so many women on the verge of becoming, standing up, sharing their amazingness, and yet they back down for so many reasons. “It’s easy to stay small,” they say. They have a certain level of comfort and don’t want to leave that zone. They don’t feel like their vision is important or that what they have to say, to contribute, is worthy. There is too much competition and others are better than them. It has been done before. No one wants to read their poetry or they won’t be able to find students for the class they want to teach or they are not good enough. They suffer from imposter syndrome, thinking they don’t know enough. They feel inadequate with lots of self-doubt.

Does any of that sound like you?

Well friend, I’m here to tell you a thing or two! You are so worth it, my love. Your words need to be read or heard. Your dance needs to be taught and seen. Your paintings need to grace other walls. Your lessons need to be taught and shared. Your designs are wanting to be someone’s website. Someone out there is waiting for you. The universe is waiting for you to say, “Hell yeah, this is my time and look what I have to offer!”

You, dear one, is all you’ve got. Not your house or your friends or your car or your cabin in the woods, although all those things are pluses and part of your dreams and desires. But you, everything inside that brain, that body, heart, soul, is what you have to give, share, give back, teach, and make a difference. What you have will touch one person who then touches another and then another, that lovely trickle-down effect! Pass it on. This is living, and making a difference in the world. To create a world you want to live in is what is next for you.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

– Mahatma Gandhi


And that is just the beginning of the book, and the work I do and bring to the world. I love being a coach and living my purpose to empower others. I am the change I want to see in my world, and I want you to live that dream too, to do your work, to create your abundance and live this one true life of yours full of joy and love and even more possibilities!

I thank you all for your continued support, of me and my work, of my book. Please pass on the book and my info to anyone you know right now who needs some support, who wants to make a change and doesn’t know what to do. I am here to help.

Have a blessed week,


***If you are curious about what is next for you, and if working with me as your coach is the next step for you, I am offering a free consult with me. You can book a session, called my Discovery Sessions–from Chaos to Creativity… and let’s talk… click this link now…


And watch for dates for my next round of the fabulous online group 5 week course, starting this summer… based on the principles of my book… From Chaos to Creativity!

Please pass this on to anyone who would love to be part of my tribe… and be sure to sign up for my weekly juicy news and poetry! www.paulettereesdenis.com










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