Movement, Momentum, and Magic…Illuminate your life! 

Recently, I had an amazing time chatting with Sharon Wilson, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at The Coaching From Spirit Institute on her podcastThe Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur.

In our chat, Sharon and I are talking about living in your Creative Zone of Genius.

I believe in Movement! Movement of the brain, the spirit and the body. When you move, you gather your energy and gain momentum so you can shift or change your state, and can then embody the essence of all you deserve!

If you’re feeling stuck…you gotta move!

You can listen to our discussion here:

During this episode we chat about:

  • Mid-career women wanting to shift energy and body awareness as they age… adding in movement and dance for joy and pleasure.
  • Illumination: to live lit up every day, create and elevate!
  • Keeping adventure in your life for creative juice!

***For listeners of the podcast I’m offering my gift of my Dance and Desire: the Heart and the Hustle online course.

For four amazing weeks you will identify and remove blocks, stop your self-sabotage, move your body to feel great in your skin, get your energy pumping and add momentum, change your words and your story to find soul-felt fulfillment, go after what you are desiring, discover a new creativity, with a happier body, and expand into joy and pleasure!

so have a listen, here,  and let me know what you took away from our chat… Love to know what moves the needle for you, to move forward!

It’s so fun to be a guest on other’s podcasts, although I love being the hostess too, on Heart and Hustle, with a new episode coming tomorrow… so make sure to subscribe to my list, here, so you don’t miss anything!

Thanks for listening, and for being here…

What’s coming up?

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