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Do you believe it is June already? What has gone on over the past month of May? What does June have in store for you?…. How are you in this time of unknown newness and new normals?  What can I do to help?

Just been isolating and going a bit nuts! Finally got a new haircut… with masks and screens and craziness all around…
And we move forward…Got to…

Join me for Heart & Hustle Live! Most Tuesdays, 9:30 am PST, let’s stay connected and chat!
This is on FB Live…Join me for inspired conversations, events, questions, answers, and often some poetry 


Wow!  Amazon Best Seller Status! So grateful for all of you, and because of YOU, my new book, From soulless Job to Creative Abundance:  Find Fulfillment and Prosperity with your Art, has already hit Amazon Best Seller Status!  You can grab your copy  click here   

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement for me and my work, and all I bring to your world! We are all here to shine our light!

BOOK LAUNCH Party… yes, we had a great virtual book launch party May 14th… was fun and celebratory with lots of prizes and special guests!  Now that book is out to the world and I want it to reach so many new folks who will find the work that they are wanting to  grow into and make those changes! 

And my new online course is coming up…We start June 30th…Five weeks my friend, All this for only $425.00 Click here… psst… there is an early discounted price for you if you sign up now!

That’s what this circle of women, this virtual 5-week gathering, is all about, with instruction, experiences, weekly virtual gatherings, inspired action and each other, with soul-stirring connection and support.

Sign up here and join us…



Click here to check out the podcast of my interview! The spiritually persistent entrepreneur Podcast

Sharon Wilson interviews me!⠀

Woo hoo… so fun… this is what Sharon writes:

“Paulette and I chat about living in your ???????? ???? ?? ??????.⠀

⠀She believes in Movement! ???????? ?? ?ℎ? ?????, ?ℎ? ?????? ??? ?ℎ? ????.⠀

⠀When you move, you gather your energy and gain momentum so you can shift or change your state, and can then embody the essence of all you deserve!⠀

⠀If you’re feeling stuck…??? ????? ????!⠀


What’s going on over in GC land?

Then join me for Teacher Training Level 3 online starting July 4th! Click here:  Teacher Training Level Three


Tribal Connection Online Classes for that tribal bellydancer in you!

 Did you catch the newest videos uploaded to our online training library last month???  Master Teacher:  Angie Neylan Wimmer she shows us how to incorporate Tribal Fans into our dance part one! Also last month we had an amazing meditation practice with the lovely Richelle Spencer! What a perfect time!

Click here: The Tribal Connection Volume 5 with Angie Part One Tribal Fans

Click here:  Meditation with Richelle

Lastly, Join Master Teacher Misha for hip bumps and drilling along with zilling!  

Click here:  Hip Bumps with Misha!


***Check out our new online dance classes! We’ve got new ones every month this year…

Just released…

Master Teacher:  Deirdre finishes how to incorporate Tribal Fans into our dance!

Click here to purchase:  Tribal Fans Part Two with Deirdre

Also this month Misha is back to help us with CS2 Moves!

Click here to purchase:  CS 2 Moves with Misha!


Heart and Hustle with guest love artist,  Sarah Love McCoy Episode #74

Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers: our interview video podcast, full of magic and inspiration!

Moving into my 3rd year of Heart and Hustle interviews! Woo hoo… Check out these amazing fine women and what they bring to the world!

Plus make sure to check on the past conversations in this year so far!

May 2020:

April 2020:


The Quest Blog…always lots of good bits of inspiration!

Movement, momentum, magic

Chapter One 

Caravan of dreams

Is this your time?

Your creative zone of genius

Clarity, Connection & Confidence

Make some magic

Asking for what you want

New Book Soulless Job to Creative Abundance

Sunday Musings

Will You Join My Book Launch

Finding Your Way

A Sisterhood Gathering

Hello my Beautiful Dancing Friend!


Is this YOUR time?

Need to make some changes with your art,  your business, your money?

I’m offering my FREE, From Chaos to Creativity Discovery Session, which is a 30 minute call with me to get you on your path, see if coaching with me is what is next for you to step up into your wildest dreams and desires! Click here to put YOU on the calendar with me… Can’t wait to talk with you…

 MAKE SURE to check all the event pages and updates for workshops, intensives, VIP days, retreats, classes, interviews, 

From your favorite creativity biz coach! 

and please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining up and reading about our gatherings and more… thank you for spreading the love!





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