Today I dedicate to beauty

I honor a day of beauty, of awareness, of mindfulness, of attention to detail, to slowness, or quickness, in the eye of beauty, my eye of beauty in my life, my work, my surroundings. A deepness of breath, a vision of truly seeing, of listening fully in the pace of life, a beauty walk of meditation and contemplation, of forgiveness and gratitude, amind shifting and segment intending, allowing the magnitude of depth to unveil to me, the magnet that is life, the new phases of the moon and the day, of the changing light, the unfolding of the petals of love the exquisite singsong of the magpies and crows and lovebirds, the quickness of the beating bat wings, the turning of the wheels, and the wind in my air, blowing healing breath over my skin, the touch of life.

Today I go for a beauty walk of power and simpleness, of purpose and exploration, of adventure and solitude. To take in this new way of living with deeper dimensions and the creative abundance all around and within.

Blessings and peace…





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