Time to Make that Decision! (and look for the offering I have for you below!)

Hello boo!

How are you holding up? Getting back into life? Into work? Getting out of the house, a little or a lot? Wearing your mask? Taking good care of yourself? What’s up in your world?

This week has already been blasting! In a good way… We are in the middle of the Dress Up Challenge over in my Dance with Desire group, super fun… I love going through my closet everyday and picking out something different to wear for the day, set my day up for feeling good, being productive, getting things done, having fun, all about setting up for a successful outcome of a delicious day. Don’t you want that everyday?

And my free masterclass yesterday was superb, with lovely creative women showing up to perhaps step out of their comfort zone to say what they are wanting, and not wanting in their life and business, and to step up into their possibilities… sure, a bit of fear and discomfort in saying they are ready for a change, but owning it and taking action!

You get to make a choice, every day, actually with everything you do. To feel good, or not, to make that change, or not, to take action, or not, to rest, or not, to take better care of yourself, or not.

The decision is yours, always, and only, yours. You can move forward, you can decide to do that thing. There is power in making a decision. Feel it?  Decision is how you change. And when you decide, there is no going back. 

I always say, Thoughts become words become things.  But think this too… Thoughts can lead to action which leads to results… and that’s what I’m talking about.

As your creative biz and lifestyle coach, I want you to take action and move forward with beautiful divine intention, with sacred care of self, with clarity and momentum. If not now, when?  You’ve heard that before… because now is your opportunity for change, to dive in, get clear, define your purpose and your superpowers, and live it up. Create the change, bring in the abundance, feel freaking great and show up in your life and in the world, Inspire others to do the same.

Are you ready to do that? Commit to YOU? That’s what we work on in my upcoming online course and Mastermind group…

From Soulless to Soulful Creative Abundance,

as we move from Chaos to Creativity!

Starts Tuesday, June 30th, for five weeks with me! We meet TWICE a week on zoom, Tuesdays at 1:00 PST, and Fridays at 1:00 PST… ( Sessions may change times a little depending on time zones, and will be recorded too if you can’t attend, but participation is required! ), and we work with the principles from my new book, From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance, Find Fulfillment and Prosperity with Your Art.

Let’s do this together…It’s time for you to step up and show up, to fill yourself up with all your soulful dreams! Make those changes. With me you will get the tools, on every level-physical, spiritual, and practical, with the inspiration to create and build that satisfying new future with your creative vision!  See how you can give back to the world now, what you have to offer and be of service while you fulfill your new goals –time to pivot!

**And read below for the super pay what you can discount…

**BONUS you get a one-hour coaching call with me!

PLUS being in our virtual circle of like-minded creative women will rock your world… collective power and accountability and inspiration!

Read more here…

And these are our weekly modules for change and adventure!

This is soooooo good, woman friend! I hope you choose for your own dreams and desired today, and register to join us… Please PM me if you have questions about the course, or if you aren’t sure if this is right for you… I am happy to have a phone consult with you to see if this is your best choice now!


Because I believe in you… and I know these chaotic times are hard, financially as well as emotionally and physically, but I want to offer this to as many of you who are ready to make those changes!

 so…. the course normally costs $425.00

(wow, for five weeks of this goodness!)

and I am happy to offer it to you at what you can pay right now… 

Either $325, or $225, or $125.00… your choice, your option… 

Click here to register now!


What are past clients saying about the course:

I joined this course in an unexpected time, in an unexpected way. I’m so glad I did. When I look back at the last 6 weeks, we covered a lot of ground. We went to places in my heart and soul that moved my body and mind. Being part of our (international) collective was very moving. Our stories are so very different yet have similar threads. I’m enjoying this new person (me) looking back at the 6/7 weeks ago me….and telling myself…embrace this because you will thank yourself for diving in, showing up and shining a light on your inner world, which reflects your outer world. I recommend the ‘deep dive’ not just dipping your toe. What ‘tools’ do you have to fix you?
Caroline Bury, UK

I came into this course from a dark place of suffering with a diagnosis of Dysthymia Depression and PTSD that was wreaking havoc in my life. Working with Paulette, for only five weeks, in her course: From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance, has truly activated a powerful momentum of palpable change in my life. There is a new voice in my head that is advising me with self-confidence, gratitude, and faith that abundance exists for all of us. Paulette is an experienced group facilitator, with a true gift for creating a nurturing and empowering space for individual and collective healing. I would recommend this course to anyone who is wallowing in an unfulfilling life and is ready for big, bold, and permanent change in their life. Paulette is, without a doubt, an Enchantress, using her magic to advocate for anyone’s and everyone’s ability to live a beautifully authentic life full of creative abundance.
Lori Bullett, Vermont

I had an opportunity to take Paulette’s Soulless to Soulful 5 week course just recently and it could not have come at a better time! With so much unknown going on and having to shut down my in-person dance classes for a while. I was in a space of not knowing what to do or how to do it! Going through the process of this course I was able to get a clear focus and purpose of my direction and actually made big strides and putting some definite plans in place and taking the steps and actions to implement! I was surrounded by such amazing women and found that I was not totally alone as we all had similarities. Paulette’s course is just amazing and it is well worth it! She helps you make things happen and supports you in a much loving way but also cracks the whip if needed! If you are in need more guidance and clarity this is a must! I am so happy I did this course! It has truly been an amazing experience!
Allie Joseph, Ohio


Are you ready to join us?

Click here to register now!

and we’ll see in  our group!

Have a blessed day…

Get the book!

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