I want to reach as many women as possible and offer this opportunity, these tools, this experience, our divine circle, and all that you can be with this gathering!

Soooooo….Are you waffling?

Between taking forward action toward your dreams and desire, toward yourself, or putting yourself on the back burner instead of the front, where you belong? Thinking that you need to wait just a little while longer before you can do something for yourself that will bring you more joy, more money, more personal and business fulfillment? If not now, when?

Are you allowing the gremlin procrastination to fun your life? What if investing in yourself right now would change sooooo many things for you? Investing not only with money, but with time, with deep reflection, with self-compassion, so that you can finally get up and do that thing you have been wanting to create, the new business, the new job, the new creative venture, the new adventure, into what life is all about for you. Finding fulfillment and prosperity with your creative zone of genius.

Because you dear one, are special, you have a special talent, skill, and desire, even if you are still confused about what that might be. I believe in you. You belong in our magical circle of creative women, out to make change for themselves, to step into their possibilities and opportunities. But you have to open up to those possibilities, acknowledge them, own them, and allow yourself to receive them.. ALLOWING… like giving yourself permission to step into your brilliance! I want to see that!

We are in a time of confusion and change and new normals and weird happenings and scary shit. And you still have the choice to make decisions for yourself, to live how you want, to do the work that brings you abundance and personal rewards, while making change in the world and uplifting others. 

If this sounds like you I invite you to join my next Mastermind and online course that follows the principles in my newest book, From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance!


Because I believe in you… and I know these chaotic times are hard, financially as well as emotionally and physically, but I want to offer this to as many of you who are ready to make those changes!

 so…. the course normally costs $425.00

(wow, for five weeks of this goodness!)

and I am happy to offer it to you at what you can pay right now… 

Either $425, $325, $225, or $125.00… your choice, your option… 

Click here to register now!

**BONUS you get a one-hour private coaching call with me too!

And if you have never experienced the power of a magical circle of creative women on the verge of becoming, then now is your time… and with an amazing pay what you can offer, that I am offering to you, because of these crazy times…

I want to reach as many women as possible and offer this opportunity, these tools, this experience, our divine circle, and all that you can be with this gathering! Five weeks, online with me, on Zoom and in our private group, and it starts this Tuesday! And pay what you can! Wowza… and if this is not for you, but you know someone who this would benefit, share this with them, or surprise them with this gift! 

Powerful, evocative, questioning, encouraging, with concrete actionable steps and tools to take you to your next level, whether that be a new career, your own business, your leadership in your life, your artistic endeavors. Are you ready to commit to YOU?  The YOU full of integrity, of ready to live your life on your terms with your desires?

Join us now, because we start next week, and meet with me, and us,                                     twice a week for 5 weeks so we can help each other in our circle move forward with beautiful intentions and make a change!

Are you ready to do that? Commit to YOU? 

From Soulless to Soulful Creative Abundance,

as we move from Chaos to Creativity!

Starts Tuesday, June 30th, for five weeks (through July 28th) with me! Tuesdays at 1:00 PST, and Fridays at 1:00 PST… ( Sessions times may change depending on your time zones, and will be recorded too if you can’t attend, but participation is required).

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