Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers
with hostess Paulette Rees-Denis
and with  guest empowerment coach, Beverly Glazer,#93


Happy Friday friend!

Another episode coming to you, with empowerment coach, reinventing the impossible, with Beverly Glazer, from Canada…

Sharing different incarnations of growth and education and expansion, Bev shares her journey, and helps us share our stories, change our stories… so much of what I share and teach too. Resiliency and reinvention… woo hoo…

We got some good laughs as we talk about focus and staying grounded and connected….

Women over 50 rock!

Have a watch and listen to our interview today and let me know what your takeaways are!

I love our talk, and you enjoy my friend!


More about Beb!

Beverley Glazer MA. is a Psychotherapist, Speaker, Co-Author and Workshop Animator who makes it easy for women to overcome fear and doubt, have confidence to go after their dreams, and increase their net-worth and self-worth at any age.

Her background is in Fine Art, and it was because of her love and appreciation of Indigenous art and culture, that she developed a business as an Art Consultant, commissioning projects for corporations. Her travels to remote areas became a turning point in her life. There, she witnessed the struggles and heart-ships endured in the Indigenous communities, and this inspired her to move her life in a whole new direction.

She returned to University and earned the post graduate degrees and certifications necessary to qualify her to become a therapist and addiction specialist, and although she suffered many personal tragedies during that time, she not only survived, but flourished.

She knows that women are not the ‘weaker sex’! Women are the caregivers and rescuers and we will be there for others, whenever we’re called. But when life overwhelms us, or when there are personal challenges to overcome, because we’ve shouldered the burden for many, we can lose our direction and purpose as a result. She knows what that feels like.

She understands how resilient the human spirit can be and is passionate about helping other women break free from fear and find joy in being their authentic selves.


She built a private practice, hosted her own AM radio show for 5 years, overcame

financial hurdles, and these achievements opened her eyes to the power of her own

potential and strengths.

Over the past 28 years in practice, she has made it easy for hundreds of women to find

confidence, through a combination of coaching strategies, step-by-step tools, direct

feedback and training. Her magnetic personality will inspire you to discover your own

magic and live a life with purpose and pride!

Contact her for a free 20min conversation,

Are your fears blocking your way? Take the quiz


Connect with her:

FB Group: #WomenOver50Rock

IG @BeverleyGlazer_empowerment_4_U

FB BeverleyGlazer


Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe, wear your mask, eat more plants and less meat, take care of the year and yourself!

so glad you are here,


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