Movement, Meditation, and a new poem for you!

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While meditating while camping a few weeks ago, early one morning, at this beautiful calm lake, I wrote a little life short, a poem… and thought you would enjoy it, a little respite for your day…what does it seem to be about to you?


The lone boat


The lone boat 

Ripples the steamy water of the once

smooth -as- glass-like lake

As it glides

Into quiet territory

Like a moving meditation

Once again the stillness returns

Continuing the practice of silent focus

Breathing into the returning flow

Then a thrown rock creates concentric circles

Of a mild disruption to the

Mind matter

As the way chatter jumps back in

And another boat slips and slides its way through the mist

The birdsong awakens more beautiful 

Singsong thoughts, and the birds peck at arising jumbles

And the morning sun awakens the new day

Brining warm peace and a long slow

Revitalizing breath

Opening the eyes and the soul to a renewed life


Have a blessed rest of your week, take time for yourself, for some meditation, and some movement, and stay safe!



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