I want to know… how are you feeling during this phase of life, the pandemic, the isolation, the job loss, the job innovation, the life changes, the weight gain, the home focus, the creative disparity… the weird shit, the “new normal”, the masks, the illnesses, the wellness… are you dancing, or not dancing, are you creating, or vegging on the couch, are you in practice of extreme self care, or not caring at all, are you feeling overwhelmed, or refreshed, connecting or in quiet reflection… there is so much change… I am like a yoyo these days. ready to kick in and move forward, and then the next day, ready to sit down, wanting to hug someone, anyone, everyone, and so thankful for my husband and my dogs… ready to write my next book or teach my next class or gather my tribes, and then just wanting to sit on the couch while the flames grow higher near my town,.. and wondering what is next… the hurricanes, the online classes, the deaths, the new online gatherings, the new book and the course that is moving me forward, and wanting to move forward as if nothing is different, but oh, so much is different… and worried, and curious, and go out, and then, no, don’t go out, and open up and then no, don’t open up, and desperately wanting the connection as my peeps are out forging directions of their own because they have to, ways to survive, ways to thrive, stand up and show I say, but not always the easy route… time to dive in deep, listen up, ask for guidance, hit the road, step away, lighten up, listen up, listen up, listen up… ask as you shall receive, acknowledge the changes even in the not knowing, improvisation at its finest is what I have taught my dancers for years, problem solving in the intuitive wisdom we all have, and have access to,

the divine connection, the song of life, the music of living, the dance we forge ahead with,

you can do it, I can do it,

you don’t even need to know what is next, we just begin again, and know…

we, you, are not alone…


Lot’s of goodness coming up… Next week
From Chaos to Creativity!

the new online companion course that goes with the book!

Working with me, on your own time…make the change you wish you see…


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