Do you know what is next for you? Do you know what you want next? Crazy times, these are, right?

I like to think of myself and my work as a force of feminine celebration! I work with creatives to redefine their artistic niche and use words and movement and deep connection to create change, to inspire action, as a life coach and global dance director! 

I’m coming to you with my companion course, that goes alongside my latest book, From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance, to help you get some structure, some tools, some discipline so you can gain clarity for what’s next and what you need and want, your creative desires!

From Chaos to Creativity, the beginning of your new journey to create structure and get clear on your artistic niche. And learn about energy managing and self-care, time management, mixing the woo with the practical. That ‘s what I’m all about as your coach!

What I have found, as both a creative woman, and a business owner, is that artists and creatives of all genres, live in their hearts and souls, but not so much in their business mind. So is it time for you to distill your niche? Step into your Creative Zone of Genius? With a renewed body and soul, with new vitality and inspiration, with a re-found sense of courage and some juicy practical steps, as well as a deeper connection to your heart and soul. And your WHY?


**TWO OPTIONS for YOU…..From Chaos to Creativity!

This course, which you can take with me in virtual person, or on your own, will give you the new steps, your new path to step up into your zone, with a new mindset about abundance, and with structure and tools to get you there! With fun and a clearer vision. 

Fun, my friend, because your life can be full of creative joy. So you can create, and live with that passion and the wisdom of your true calling,  with your creative juices flowing with ease! That’s what I’m talking about!

  1. ***Your new Creativity Mastermind LIve, 

Meets weekly with me and a glorious gathering of other like-minded creatives to meet, network with, and add to all the inspiration and tools I give you, going through all the modules and more…!

Tuesdays, starting September 8th, 1:00 PST ( on Zoom) for five weeks,…. $425.00, and you get all the videos, pdfs, audios, and bonus gifts, plus one hour-long private coaching session during the gathering…

2. **Or From Chaos to Creativity Online Course

 as a take me home with you, DIY, at your home, on your own time, with 5  Modules, for 5 weeks! We send you the downloadable book, weekly emails full of videos, pdfs, audios, and some Bonus gifts too, plus one ½ hour private coaching session with me upon completion of course! $97.00, and starts right away, as soon as you register!

Click here to register…

Here are The Modules we go through!


Ohhh, so good… 

So, my friend, sounds really powerful, right? Which way are you ready to work with me?  And get yourself leveling up to where you truly want to be?

*The Online Course you do on your own time, full of videos, pdfs, audios, and more? Ready to start now?

*Or join in the Creativity Mastermind, which starts in September? If you have ever worked with a small group of creatives, you know how powerful a circle can be, full of inspiration and support, with like-minded folks who are working for the same outcome as you. This can be such a powerhouse of activity and kick-ass love! Ready for you in just a few short weeks… September 8th!

Your choice. Some people do really well on their own, with an online course to guide them and they can stick with it, keep up their momentum, and take action. Woo hoo… this course is for you. I want you to do it, finish it, and shine your light and step into your creative abundance! Plus you get a private coaching session with me too…

Other creatives really want the circle of support, with weekly check-ins, hearing others stories and achievements too, all kinds of inspiration and help with staying on track… we call that staying on the train! Plus all the materials that come with, videos, pdfs, audios, and also a private coaching session with me besides the weekly mastermind gathering!

Click here to register…

If you have any questions, please reply back and ask! I’m here for you, always, and am so excited to continue to share this work with you, in all the ways! 

See you soon!


From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance: Finding Fulfillment and Prosperity with Your Art****And my book is now available as a hardcopy and an E-book!



You can also get the book version is on Amazon, Click here!

Grab your copy. And I would love you forever if you can write a review on Amazon for me!


***Make sure to sign up on my website for my blog and please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining up and reading about our gatherings and more… thank you for spreading the love!

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