How have your desires shifted this year?

Or even in the last few weeks?

Earlier this week, on my Heart and Hustle Live, I talked about desires, again!  And allowing ourselves to feel into our heart and soul and move forward with a clear intention… if you missed it, go here to have a look and listen…

This year is all about change, about pivoting, about possibilities. Yes, there has been devastation, death, fear, upheaval, riots, chaos, the unknown… but it has also opened up doors that were not open before…opening up the possibilities and the opportunities to pivot, to expand, to dream, to create change, the change you’ve been desiring to make.

What is desire? How would you define it?

Desire is a feeling of wanting something more than what is. A passionate emotion. A yearning for something else. A desire that is true, pure feeling that is not restricted or contradicted. It can be powerful to have a non resisted desire, that is not held back by old stories, or limiting beliefs. 

You can feel a beautiful desire in your bones, your gut, your heart. Trusting in your desires of what can be. To make that desire come into manifestation, you want to believe in that thought, the vision of what you want. Of what you can be, or do, or have. And you can. You have to believe it before you see it! And you ask for it, oh yes, you have to ask for it. Put it down in words and define it, as clearly as you can.

Thoughts become words become things! 

Getting clarity and trusting in it. And then going after it! Taking action equals results.

And that is all about you and your desires, and how you move forward from here… you have a choice, my friend, you have heard me say that before… noone else but you, can create the change you wish to see in the world…

So you can be led by your desires, and so, what are you desires now? Do you know? Have you been able to connect with them? To spend time with them, defining them, getting clarity with them. Have they changed from months ago? 

It takes some time for you to stop and listen in, listen in to your heart and soul, your inner being, your god, your connection to source. This is part of self-love, to connect with yourself and allow yourself to take time to build upon your dreams, to know what you don’t want too, then you know better what you do want. Planting the seed and then trust in the process of growth, of developing your vision, laying out action plans ( that’s what I call making your Magic Action Plan!) and knowing the why of your desires. 

So take time, my friend, to be with yourself, to meditate, to listen in, to pay attention to your observations and actions and defining your desires, then laying out the plan for action. So powerful, and you can do this!  I know you can.

If you are needing some help with this, you know that is what I do as your creativity coach, helping you grow your dreams, make them real, get out of overwhelm and stuckness and get into your possibilities! To be a possibilitarian. 

My latest book — 

From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance ( Find Fulfillment and Prosperity with your Art)

is all about giving you inspiration and tools to manifest your abundance using your creativity and dreams! Mind-shifiting, body movement, connection with self, word defining changes, real actionable steps…ohhhh, so good, my friend. 

And the NEW companion online course that goes with the book, 

From Chaos to Creativity, 

helps you go deeper, using the principles in the book. So you can have the tools, the steps, the clarity to make those changes, step into your creative zone of genius, to uplevel your work and your money abundance. 

I invite you to step further into your desires, 

because you don’t want to keep your greatness in a box… 

You want to leap into all that you are here to be, to live with purpose and fulfillment and creativity!

Make the change you wish to see in the world! This is YOUR time…

And let me know how I can support you, my friend…

Here you go, all the links you need!

The five-week online course for you!

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