Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, with Paulette Rees-Denis
and with guest, divine feminine coach, Cherie Burton, Episode #102

Heart and Hustle with guest love artist, Sarah Love McCoy Episode #74

Hello Friday to you! I love bringing these to you on Friday so you can relax and chill over the weekend and watch shorts of deliciousness and inspirations… no need to tune into Netflix ALL the time, right?

So who do I have for you today? This most delightful woman who embraces all divine feminine…

2004 Mrs. Utah! seriously… swimsuits and heels… omgoddess… this woman has several children, has circled around mental illnesses, family suicides, a Morman background, from shifting spiritual paths, womb awakening, knowing there was more ways of holistic healing, This is such deep and moving conversation, with spiritual divine feminine connections and leadership and change…

Sob, Ugly, Yuk… How we are awakening, we are rising, we are to listen to our own soul, no outside permission needed…deprograming and change, releasing the fear and moving into our own beliefs of combinations and all the moves us. Cherie is such a rich, soulful, creative being and a true delight to talk with.

Watch and listen to this moving interview and let me know your takeaways…

Cherie has so much to offer you, so please go check her out


More about Cherie!

Author, Speaker, Women Seeking Wholeness Podcast Host
Stand. Speak. Shine. 
Programs & Retreats for Women

As a 40-something mom, I did a lot of writing, speaking & coaching for women. The prospect of generational mental illness manifesting in my kids led to a “mama bear” uprising, wherein I roared and slashed my way out of traditional, clinical treatment models—ones that hadn’t fully healed any of my clients or loved ones. I dove into integrative methods and natural tools for cleansing, biochemical support & sensory integration. At my 14 year-old son Noah’s suggestion, I started teaching other mothers. God blessed and steered me on an amazing path of facilitating leadership development & natural health solutions that has expanded my Blue Rose Wellness organization, globally, to many thousands strong.


Women Seeking Wholenss podcast: https://cherieburton.com/category/womenseekingwholeness/


Have an amazing weekend, my friend…give some thought to this conversation and take a deep breath! So glad you are here…

Be audacious my friend!


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