Happy Monday…
I am wondering what is holding you back from stepping into your desires, your creative gifts, and your prosperity?

Therefore, I have a request of you, so that I can better be of service to you and your desires!
I am working on my newest online course and know of a few significant wants and needs that my clients request from me often. I would love a better grasp on more exactly what you are wanting so you can move into your creative zones and change those old stories of abundance, with ease and efficiency and flow…
I would love to know more from you!

**What is your main focus and desire? What can I help you with?

What would you like to have as an online course to help you move forward?

Here are a few actions I get asked for as a coach. Do any of these call out to you, or can you tell me what would help you the most?

*Accountability for action
*The old money stories and how to invest deeper into your desires
*Letting go of the past
*Getting out of a dead-end job or career challenge
*Feeling stuck and unable to move forward
*Not being disciplined enough to take consistent action
*Falling into a depressed state
*Not believing in your dreams
*Liking what you do and wanting more
*Wanting more clarity and confidence

Email me back or PM me and let’s make those changes!


Clarity and confidence, that is what you are desiring right now to make those changes! Right?
Are you ready to talk about what you are wanting and to find out what steps you can take to get there? Is it time to hire a coach? Am I your coach to be?

Why don’t you take some time for yourself and schedule that free consult with me and let’s talk about your options and how you can move forward with clarity and confidence? Move out of chaos of overwhelm and take that time!

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AND tomorrow!


Heart and Hustle Live, with me, tomorrow! Tuesdays, 10 am PST…

Inspired conversations, bits of coaching advice, laughs, questions, answers, and sometimes poetry! with YOU…

Join me… this week we are talking about reinvention!

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Have a blessed and audacious week my friend, I’m so glad you can  join me on our journey!

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From Chaos to Creativity, based on the five principles in my latest book, From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance! So excited to now be able to share this with you virtually, on your own time!

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From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance: Finding Fulfillment and Prosperity with Your Art

Want the book? Go here!

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