Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers with Paulette Rees-Denis

with young girl advocate, Tanya Meessmann #103

Girl shaped flames!

October!!!! Ohhh, what does this month bring you?

Over here, we have another fabulous interview and episode of Heart and Hustle with the amazing Tanya Meessmann, from Australia! And our 103rd episode..

You are going to love Tanya and what she is putting out into the world to make it a better place for our young women! She is doing powerful work with Girl Shaped Flames, for these young women, ages 12-17 mostly, but moving into working with even younger girls too. And this is so important and necessary work and has a great wow factor when you see the changes in these young women and what they are being offered.. revolutionary for sure! And how cool, that I get to bring her to YOU!

We talk about her journey through different work places and how she got into working with these girls, being a filmmaker, and mentoring them, teaching them how valuable they are and giving them confidence, fueling them with inspirations and role models and extraordinary women!

Thoughts about the differences between war and terror, and the unpredictability of our world that these girls are being brought up in, I love Tanya’s views about empowering them and how great that these girls have this kind of support. And let it grow through Australia and around the world! Camp Courage!

View here and enjoy!

Well now, how was that for you? Great work, right? Let us know what you think …


More about Tanya!

Tanya Meessmann, the founder of Girl Shaped Flames, is committed to developing the most confident, courageous and self-assured generation of girls the world has ever seen.

The fire she has had in her belly since a teenager has taken her from small-town Yeppoon, in Queensland Australia, to topping her degree at Bond University, being poached to work at top-tier Advertising Agencies throughout Sydney and London on cornerstone international brands such as Virgin, MasterCard, Peroni, Nokia, and McDonald’s, then across into a Film Producing career that has seen her produce hundreds of pieces of content and 9 feature films.  

Now safely back in her home state of QLD, she has worked with over 3000 teenage girls, their parents and educators through powerful mentoring, inspiring events, and transformative courses, specializing in confidence development for high-school girls, inspiring unique career pathways, and courageous parenting.

A special gift for you from Tanya!!

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5) Instagram handle: @girlshapedflames

Just rocking my world… how about you?

Here is to a powerful October and may the end of the year bring you much happiness and prosperity doing what you love, my friend…

Be audacious my friend!

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