Paulette’s Monthly Mashup for September and October! 

The place to catch up on what you missed over the past month 

and get bits of news and inspirations and what’s coming up…Magic, Movement, and the New Year

Hello October and did you see that big beautiful full moon the other night? Here above the mountains it was magnificent and magical!

How are you moving forward into what is next? 

Step into your new you with bravery, love, beauty, laughter, abundance, music, inspiration, and your divinity! And make a plan!

 And remember ACTION gets RESULTS!


Today at 10 am, Join me and let’s talk.. Today about rejection and how to move forward!

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What’s going on over in Global Caravan land? 

Congrats goes out to Amanda Bound and Catherine Corcoran for stepping up and completing their Collective Soul Level 5 under the direction of Global Caravan Master Teacher Christine Haviland from New Zealand!

Over in the UK with the direction of Master Teacher Deirdre we also have Caroline Bury and Carrie Rutherford completing their Collective Soul Level 4, Amanda Jowett for Level 5, and we have Chrissie Woods that completed Collective Soul Level 1 and Sheila Ross, Level 3!

Lastly, Misha Cain Nell and Allie Joseph just also finished up Master Teacher for CS3  and they both rocked my world!  Woo Hoo! 

Congrats to all and well done! The journeys continue…


New Tribal Connection Dance Classes Online every month! 

Let’s dance and move that body…

Just released this month…

We have Master GC teacher, director, and dancer, Deirdre from the UK, showing us some fun, snappy Global Caravan Moves!

Click here to purchase:  Snappy GC moves with Deirdre


We have Amanda & Jamie Intermediate Level 2 moves!  These are Collective Level 3 moves which will add more combos and spice to your dance!

Click here to purchase: Intermediate Level 2 Moves with Amanda & Jamie

Also this month get that body moving with Allie Joseph!  She will lead you through a Yoga Shred Workout!  


Click here to purchase:Yoga Shred with Alli


Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers: our interview video podcast, full of magic and inspiration!

I am so delighted that I can bring you short interviews with these amazing creatives a in so many genres and stages of business and life… Check out these amazing fine folk and what they bring to the world!

Coming up : Kristopher Carter, Shannon Corn, Leonie Dawson!

Plus make sure to check on the past conversations in this year so far!

 September 2020:


The Quest Blog

The Magic Wand Challenge

What is your main focus & desire?

Are you being led by your desires?


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From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance: Finding Fulfillment and Prosperity with Your Art

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From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance… 

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