musings for you today…

A time when you thought you were not enough….

Practice and perseverance led to days of no patience, overwork, and stress, being not good enough, as in, am I too young, and not confident enough, but realizing how wrong that all was, as I dug deeper into my heart, under my skin, into my soul desires, feeling the ancients supporting me, knowing that I was tapped in and turned on

Looking at ways to create the visions, realizing that I was enough and I was creating magic

Eventually blowing my mind with the outcomes

Truly listening, diving in, knowing that vision was pouring out

Trusting that I could do this, bring it all out to my people

Expanding even more as I was acquiring skills and knowledge

Stepping out on my own, making it up as I went, making mistakes, bur also not,

Making great strides in bringing my people, my tribes together.

That part of not being enough, how mistaken I was, momentarily

I was more than enough, moving forward with integrity creative passions flowing with ease even in the not knowing of what the hell am I doing questions while drawing attention to dance, the healing, the growth of the women, the empowerment that the dance was bringing, the joy of bodies moving in synchronistic co-creation.

 My creations were being sought after, mixing the old intuitive feminine divine movement and connecting with the now, to live with community, beauty, fun, and making money to survive, learning to thrive, so I could continue

More than enough physical and emotional and spiritual connections while studying and listening in, learning and reaching out, and showing up, collecting and connecting my tribes, spreading love and joy and womanly support, defining all that I was and could be and all they could be, 

lighting the lantern, illuminating all the things, the desires, the possibilities, dancing with desires, creating magic, making change for myself and others, stepping up and showing up, participating fully in my life while guiding others to find their new beauty and bodies and possibilities.

More than enough…

From your favorite creativity biz coach! 

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