If you’ve been following me, you must be a creative, adventurous-at-heart person! Someone who is into healthy living and wellbeing, into some sort of body awareness and fitness, art, creating and co-creating, and desiring to step up further into your life and your possibilities! And your abundance, which could be making more money, discovering your new passions, having more love, ready to make changes, and enjoying all that life has to offer. Am I right?

This is the stuff of my new book, From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance: Find Fulfillment and Prosperity with your Art…( click here to purchase!)

This is the stuff I write about, I coach about, and I support you with. But what does that mean, really?

It means you want to show up, stand up, speak up, be seen, and heard. Which is one of our basic human needs: to feel significant! So good… 

That means when you want to do something, you start to take action. Movement. When you join a group, you share and join in. No more just hitting the like button! If you are taking the time to be part of something, then you want to show up. Not lurk in the background. That does no-one any good, especially you. And now it is time to really take the time to show up, as in your life, my friend. No more sitting on the couch, no more maybe tomorrow’s, no more procrastination…

Movement creates momentum. During these crazy times of chaos and uncertainty, now is the time for you to step outside that crazy box of overwhelm and go for it. Say what you mean, in a nice way of course! Do what rings your chimes and rocks your boat. Hell yeah’s all around. Once you start, you get on a roll. You see the results of even one thing ticked off your to-do list!

So what are you struggling with, my friend? What is it that is stopping you? I would love to know. Is it time for you to take that first step? Get into moving, not only your body but your desires? And create some beautiful momentum, feel the energy of life pulsing through you, feeling really freaking great?

I am here for you to help guide you, as your coach, when you are ready. Because we all want support, someone outside of our circle, our family. Someone who has been there, who has experience and skill and tools for that type of guidance. That is me, friend, your fav creativity business coach! Let’s schedule your free From Chaos to Creativity Discovery session and find out if having a coach is what is next for you, ready to invest in yourself and your desires and future! And see what I can do to help! Click here…


On most Fridays I spend some personal time writing, that is where many of my poetic diatribes come from…

And I enjoy sharing them with you, to give you incentive and inspiration to write, think, create, paint, dance, cook, walk, whatever, PLUS I always love hearing from you!

Let me know what this moves in you. Take some time for your own creative time: writing, dancing, painting, cooking, singing, walking….and light a fire in your soul!

At  that moment I didn’t know who I was anymore

Time fading in and out

Visions changing, erupting

From the voluptuous possibilities

Flowing through me like a surging waterfall

Cascading over the jagged rocks

Of my imagination, my intuitive guidance,

Playing tricks on my desires

Like an adolescent youth busting

Into the unknowns of puberty

Sexually awakening the bits and pieces

And the onslaught of adulthood

But here I am

At crone age

Shifting and sorting, opening up

To the new, perhaps buried and not so new

Circling and spiraling around my hips and my own divinity of desires

Searching continuously for more

Of the expanding body and soul

And heart and mind

Never to stop the quest

The curiosity of all that can be

For me yet confident in all that

I am now

Like the hermit moving forward

Lighting only a foot ahead of me

With the lantern of life

Trusting all of the unknown

Because I trust in me, always have.

But then I heard a voice and I just knew

That the lantern was brightening

As I hiked through the stickly brush

And prickly cactus

The desert reaching out with 

Powerful spirit of the aged wisdom

Listen, they said to me

Stop, perceive and receive

What I have to tell you

That barbed wire, crown of thorns that 

Haloed you, and stopped you is no longer

Then the fresh growth of the unfolding vines

Encircles you with love and tenderness and trust and truth

You, knowing that the divine has your back, always has.


OK, my friend, with so much gratitude for you, joining me on our journey…

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From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance: Finding Fulfillment and Prosperity with Your Art

My new book, From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance: Find Fulfillment and Prosperity with your Art…( click here to purchase!)


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