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I talk about making magic all the time… every day. We live in an extraordinary world, if we take the time to notice, to look around, and see the magnificence of our one and only precious life! And we can create more magic ourselves.

Making magic is about shifting energy, recognizing that we have the power to create change. Creating the change we wish to see in the world, in our own business, in our own life.

We can change our words, that is HUGE! Listen to the words you use to talk about your day, your body, to discuss the things you desire. Words like ” I can’t”, ” I don’t have enough”, “he won’t let me”,  blah blah blah… Old stories, old limiting beliefs… Shift your words, and that will shift your energy! Light yourself up with some juicy words to describe what you are wanting and lift yourself up. Feel the magic of your possibilities!

You can change your state, and that will for sure shift your energy. By moving your body creates a change. If you are feeling sluggish, or depressed, or anxious, get up and go outside, walk, run, dance, play, or even take a nap, anything to change the mood of you at the moment. Last week I talked about movement creating momentum! And what does that do? It creates a change, a force, a shift in energy. Intentionional change, making magic.

Moving forward with intention… open your heart, open your eyes. Look around. Things you have and love. What is desiring to be changed?  What is making you joyous in your everyday? Make the change you wish to see… it is your choice. You can make the decision to create the change you want.

I talked a little about the everyday magic on my Heart and Hustle Live this week…

Have a a look see here at the replay… and bring your comments!


So, how do you create magic in your every day? Or what are you wanting to change? Take some time to journal about this. and something else that really helps is to keep up with a daily gratitude practice. Every night take some time to journal, or at least notice, 3 things that you are grateful for about the day. What 3 things did you do this day that you are thankful for and that moved you, your body, your love, or your biz forward? This is a great practice to get into the habit of doing. I love looking around me and give thanks to all that I have created for myself, and all that is! Try it…

There is a reason I call my coaching practice Movement, Momentum, and Magic. This is how I help you create and change, to bring on your creative juices and dive into more of the life you are wanting to create. Movement creates Momentum, and then you make your fabulous magic and create change! Are you desiring to step into more of that magic and abundance that is waiting for you?

If you are having the desires for change, and would love some guidance, to talk with someone who has been through the ups and downs, need some tools to help you move forward, then let’s talk!  Schedule a free Discovery session with me , I call this moving From Chaos to Creativity! Time to grab me as your coach and let’s help you find the clarity and confidence, plus get those actionable steps and tools to move you forward! Click here to schedule that free call with me and get YOU on the calendar!

Because you are a magnificent and magical creature! And I am grateful for you here, on the journey with me!











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And TOMORROW… Watch for the new episode of Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, Friday, with the high vibe biz coach and super fun gal, , Luz C Gonzalez


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