We have several new friends who have joined here, so a big juicy

I’m happy to have you join our growing tribe of creatives, artists, dancers, healers, and delightful humans!


I’m happy to have you join our growing tribe of creatives, artists, dancers, healers, and delightful humans!

However you dance through life, 
it is my desire to support you on your path by providing tools for you to live and love in a way that encompasses your body, mind, and spirit–
with celebration, wellness, feminine beauty and grace. 
And make everyday magic!

Join me today on Heart and Hustle Live, on my FB page, here, I want to talk about how you start your day, your week, and how to stay grounded and on point for what you are wanting to do, whether that is directly related to your business, and your life in general! I love to have you join me and participate in our inspired conversations!


So, how DO YOU start your day? Do you roll out of bed, grumbling, dragging your feet, not excited to start the day? Or do you get up, stretch, smile, say a prayer, express a gratitude, do your workout or yoga, journal, and ready to make the day your best day yet? Which do you prefer?

I have several daily and weekly must-do’s, so that I can really enjoy my day, my work, get things done, and feel great about my body and my accomplishments. Sometimes they are in order and sometimes they change with each day’s activities. I do some sort of daily workout, yoga, cardio, take a run, add in a meditation, usually first thing, and then journal. Journaling for me could just be some freewriting, a poem, a stream of consciousness brain dump! This really helps clear my head and gets me ready. I’ve talked about my morning ritual lots, and they are in my book too ( From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance)

Then… and this is one thing you can do everyday to stay focused and clear about your intentions. Of course, this will help you identify the things you want to get done, and prioritize them and calendar them out. Have a journal specifically for your to-do’s! Mine is dedicated solely to those things, and that is mostly work related. I keep it separate from my other journals, and yes, I have several going at one time! (That’s another topic!)

For this journal, give it a sexy name! Make it fun… Notice how you feel when you get up in the morning and jot it down. Maybe pick a few names to describe each morning. Like —  Still Tired, OK, Good, Ready to Go, Excited, Energized, and note why you feel like that. Perhaps you did not sleep good, or maybe you have a meeting that you are excited about.

Pick three things you really want to do today. Just THREE! You can prioritize them or put a time of day to do them. Again, this could be totally work-related, or you can add in your home chores, or your fun things too.

Write down why these are important for you to do today. I’m always asking you WHY, you want that thing, or why you want to do it? Knowing your why will bring you so much clarity and help you move forward. Ask yourself why and sometimes you will find that you really don’t want to do that thing any more! Or it might have top priority and a deadline! Whatever… know your reason.

Then, jot down what you will do to get started for each thing. Maybe it is sitting down at your desk, Perhaps you want to shower and put on some delightful clothes before you get started. When you lay out a simple plan, and I do mean simple, things really do get clearer. They don’t feel so hard. And this will help you get out of overwhelm and get unstuck. Because those places just feel like crap, right?

And if you feel like it, take another page and write down more things you want to do this week, or maybe even this month, so you get your ideas and inspirations down on paper, out of your head, and you can get excited for some upcoming projects. Clarity is power, my friend…

It really is simple once you start doing this, and make it  a daily habit, and I promise you will get more things done, with energy and accountability! Let me know how it goes!

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Thanks again for being here, don’t we have fun? Great things going on and wonderful offerings for you, my friend!

What all is possible? 
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