Women Seeking Wholeness
—Podcast, Hosted by Cherie Burton,
with Paulette Rees-Denis

Weeks ago I had this amazing woman on my Heart and Hustle video podcast, and totally fell in love with her, her divine energy and the work she is bringing to the world… She is Cherie Burton, and she also has a groovin’ podcast!

And she is turn asked me to be interviewed on her podcast. What an honor…

and now we can share this conversation with you… not too long, about 30ish minutes… You will enjoy our talk and get some good inspirations from it, I’m sure! Have a listen, link below, and let me know what you take away!

Cherie writes:

Do you live with “magic” on the regular? (Magic, in the sense that you come alive and bask in your own special creativity…) Paulette Rees-Denis is a master at this! She is the author of, From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance, Find Fulfillment and Prosperity with Your Art (her fourth book!) as well as a Creativity Business Coach, speaker, dancer, and a leader of “Feminine Celebration.”

5 ways to find YOUR art (Magic Action Plan, or M.A.P.)
“Sometimes you have to trust the darkness to go into expansion.”
How creating a state change (meditate, percolate, dance break) moves you into      powerful creative flow

Link below…to this episode:

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I just love being able to share stories, tips, poems, coaching advice, and share other amazing creatives with you…

I am so grateful for you being here, sharing my journey, and our paths together…

thank you always for your support and connection…





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