Ready to Dream and Dance with your Desires?
And make some magic happen with your action plans?
Happy Sunday, loves!
We’re about to go into our Five-day challenge in my private women’s page, Dance with Desire!
Starting tomorrow, Monday, December 7th! Anytime that works for you in your timezone…
How do you feel about your positioning with Money and Prosperity, your Love especially of yourself, your Health, your Relationships, and your Creativity/Career? Let’s do a little envisioning and planning together to prep you for what is next for you and make it happen!
I’d love you to join me next week for five delicious days… a new FREE Five Day Challenge!

It’s really like a game, but with some seriousness, for you, a fun way to take a deeper dive into your desires and showing up in your life! Getting to know more about your superpowers and what you are wanting more of, or to change!
You are invited to join in this free challenge!
No matter how you dance through life,
it’s about dancing with, and embodying all you desire!
I’ll be showing up every day over there in our private women’s , group doing FB lives to chat with you, to share with you some tools about how to envision and see the changes you want to bring into your life in the new year! Bring your journals! and bring your friends too, gather up a circle to support each other in moving forward into your dreams…
AND YES, I’ve got prizes to give away to those of you who
participate full-on every day! Gifts of my online class, coaching sessions, and discounts on my upcoming Illumination Mastermind group!
I would love you to be there and join in the conversation, plus there is power, beauty, and accountability in group action! Experience that glory of dreaming together, raising your energy, getting inspired by others’  words and actions…
Thoughts become words become things!
Here is our schedule and our daily topics for our FB lives: These will be recorded if you can’t make each day…no worries…
Monday 11 am PST– Health
Tuesday 11 am PST– Love/Self- Compassion
Wednesday 3 pm PST- Wealth/Money
Thursday 7 am PST– Relationships
Friday 7 am PST–Creativity/Career
Here is a time converter link to find out what time in your time zone!
You can come in pj’s, with coffee, or with late-night wine, or tea, whatever! This will be full of writing prompts, meditations, envisioning, and inspirations for you to step into the next year! You ready? I know I am!!
Join us now and I’ll see you tomorrow!




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And please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining up and reading about our gatherings and more… thank you for spreading the love!

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