Are you ready to commit to your vision but now sure how to make all those steps happen? Want to get clarity on yourpurpose along with your desired results, knowing your WHY of what you are wanting and being able to make it happen?
Then Join me for my New free Masterclass! Making your MAP– Your Magic Action Plan!
I see so many folks get bogged down with their to-do lists, and sit down in overwhelm, frozen with not knowing what to do first, or at all!  I know I have sat down in the middle of my living room and cried, almost paralyzed in overwhelm. Not any more, my friend…I’ve learned and been practicing this method for years and I want to help you get clear on what’s next, what is important, and what you can let go of…time to get unstuck!
So join me THIS Thursday, December 17th, at Noon, 12:00 PST, for a free Masterclass, on Zoom. Hang out with me for an hour and let’s Make your Magic Action Plan for what’s next…and learn how to prioritize your soul goals… you know how I love to live with everyday magic. This is our precious life… step up into more fun and ease…

Attention energizes,  Intention transforms,

and Action creates results!

You can dream foreva’, my friend, but it takes concrete actionable steps to bring those dreams and desires into fruition. And avoid OVERWHELM while you are at it!
I have a wonderful easy method for you to help get your stuff done while you are stepping into your big dreams. I love to mix the woo with the practical, because we do need structure with our dreams. And it does not have to be hard, or time consuming.
My Magic Action Plan, your MAP, is a great tool for planning and organizing with passion and clarity and love! Think of your MAP leading you to your treasure chest.or your pot of gold!
So what you can do now, is CLICK THIS LINK BELOW to register!
You will get your private link when you register
Commit to playing and dreaming big for next year and learn how to get out of overwhelm and see your dreams unfold!!!! ❤

Click here to register:

And I’ll see you Thursday! Noon PST… Bring your journals and favorite writing pens, markers, colored pencils, perhaps a couple of big sheets of drawing paper if you like to work big!

Gonna be fun!

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